Hungover q+a! college confessions, Moving into my NYC studio apartment 2 days ago   16:36

Hope you liked this rambly lil video :)

makeup used, if you're curious!
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abby k
Katy this was serioualy super helpful. I'm off to university this year and have my A Level exams coming up (I live in the UK) and this has really helped motivate me and set me straight on reminding me that going uni is both a big opportunity to learn about my degree (journalism, funnily enough!) and to grow socially too. I think I still have this rose gold image of how uni will be and how my life will plan out but I guess having this love is okay nonetheless. Experiencing it will help me grow and correct any idyllic beliefs I have about uni and future life. Lots of love 💕
Madison Elyse
its so funny when i started college i thought it was going to be a waste of time class wise i thought i just needed the degree. I'm going to be a (spanish) teacher and I had already worked in a school as an aide for a year so i thought I knew most of the basics. I've learned so so much in school and feel so prepared to teach next year, obviously every major is super different i would never have been able to teach spanish with my level 5 from high school hahah but obviously a lot of jobs you learn pretty much everything as you go
Thick and Thin is my liiiiife
Eugenia Falqui
Halina Sosiewicz
can you show us your graphing design portfolio? really interested in the field​ and would love to see your work.
your entire aesthetic is everything
Cristina K.
I just found you and I LOVE your videos! You have such a great personality!
Vkook 1234
How can I find her podcasts? What do I search on Spotify? I tried HelloKaty, but nothing came up?
Shea Says
When you were talking about spreading good things in your life, it reminded me of this gratitude jar. You fill a jar every day with a little scrap of paper where you write down something good that happened to you that day like watching the sunrise or seeing a dog lol and you do this every day and then on New Year’s Day or Eve you read them!
Emily Furr
Would love to hear your goals for 2019! Also maybe a health/fitness video!
Abby Tait
Friendly tip... one great way to feel more prepared on the job, gain experience and build networks BEFORE graduating-- do co-op education or paid-internship programs! I'm in a co-op program in Canada but at the end of my degree I will graduate with my university degree but also with a year and a half of work experience in my related field! Helps a lot!
Laura Rivera
You're one of the most relatable youtubers out there. And I agree. I switched to online school and started a 9-5 job and it put me in such a funk. I feel like I have less time to do things for me and I feel like I'm just wasting my time. It's a struggle.
Would love more design videos Katy!! You're literally me in your thoughts, ideas and interests xoxox
love your honesty within your videos, your very real! admirable :)
Kacey Breitbach
College doesn't have to be 4 years of partying and drinking... you just don't have to do that stuff. Lol. It is what you make of it. If you throw yourself into your classes and learn as much as you can, then you'll get more out of it. Talk to your professors, ask if there's extra things you can do, get involved in other organizations that relate to what you want to learn. It doesn't have to be a waste of time.
Lucina Guzmán Ibarra
is your podcast on Spotify?
sarah john
Please do a christmas gift idea video you always have the cutest things and clothes and great ideas!!
Emily Schaefer
You always know how to give the best advice! Really need to hear the self care part ❤️ love your videos
julie castro
i love your channel im so glad you have a podcast. Just found you on Spotify!
I want more!!!
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Moving into my NYC studio apartment Hungover q+a! college confessions, 2 days ago   08:04

Forever will be grateful for my amazing family who helped me move into my dream studio apartment in Greenwich village!

Thanks to Roadway Moving as well for helping me move :)

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This video is not sponsored. Roadway Moving helped me move and we worked on some Instagram posts together, but the company is not paying me for this video!