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Vancouver Island University
In this fun student video blog, our student videographer Elissa explores the Vancouver Island University campus and highlights 5 things you didn't know about VIU. Check back for more fun videos from Elissa. :)

For more information about Vancouver Island University, check out viu.ca/prospective

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just got my acceptance letter today!! 😍
Lonm Arman
one thing I need to know actually, I listened there domestic students are not friendly, is it?
Abin Wilson
on the way....if I'm lucky I'll be there in this sep...😍
Awesome Dose
Is it a really gud campus. Am thinking of coming here in gic
Jeanelle Thomas
i cant wait !!!!
can't wait!
Lubna Anila
that was really great to know some unknown and interesting facts about VIU. I just want to ask something, the room u r sitting is it an on campus accommodation? or u live at off campus. I'm planning to study my MBA at VIU, I'm coming all the way from Bangladesh n I don't have any relative living at Nanaimo. so is it hard to find an off campus housing just at a beginning of my arrival? or its better to choose the on campus housing at first? I just need some suggestions. thatz it.
Vancouver Island University International WorldVIU
Awesome video! Did you know these things about VIU? 
Check out 5 things you didn't know about VIU by Elissa. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/kiIZNDn_cvb   #lovewhereyoulearn  ^YA
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Best Places To Live On Vancouver 5 Things You Didn't Know About 2 months ago   02:46

http://workwithgerry.com - Best Places To Live On Vancouver Island.

I’ve lived on Vancouver Island for most of my life. In my opinion the best places to live on Vancouver Island can be narrowed down to a few communities.

The Comox Valley - half way up the island on the east coast. Recently voted one of the best places to retire. Offers endless outdoor activities between Mt Washington and the ocean. Skiing, golfing, boating and hiking. The International Airport makes travel a breeze. I grew up here. It's the best place in the world to be a kid.

Heading South on Vancouver Island…a few other best places to live on Vancouver Island are Parksville and Qualicum. Charming communities with long sandy beaches have become very popular retirement meccas for its mild climate.

Nanaimo, The Harbour City or Hub City for it’s central location. The ferry terminals take you either to North Vancouver or to the main Vancouver ferry terminals in Tsawwassen. A small international airport and from here you can easily drive to Long Beach and Tofino on the West Coast. Always something to see and do in the harbor.

Victoria, the largest city on the island. The most beautiful place on earth as described by most residents so most definitely agreed one of the best places to live on Vancouver Island. Often called Canada’s California as it is the most temperate spot on the Island and all of Canada. It’s a lovely city with diversified culture, history and lots of attractions. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and home of the great University of Victoria making for a very stable economy.

And now for my favorite of the best places to live on Vancouver Island…Sidney. Just north of Victoria is the beautiful town of Sidney. A small seaside community on the end of the peninsula where the ferry lands from Vancouver. A gateway to all of the Gulf Islands. It is also home to the Victoria International Airport making travel a breeze. In my opinion and that of most who live here….the prettiest of them all.

There are far too many places to explore and things to see to be stuck indoors, which is why you see me out here enjoying the day in the middle of the week. Most of my friends are at work right now. I have the most amazing work – I love what I do and it allows me the time and flexibility to be here.

If you’d like to know more about what I do so that you can join me here too, click the link at the top and we’ll send you some information.