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An Epic Fight To Stay Alive | Survival In The Amazon Rainforest - At Up-Tube.com

An Epic Fight To Stay Alive Survival in the Amazon Rainforest 1 year ago   48:10

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76 Days Adrift: Steven Callahan departs from El Hierro in the Canary Islands, in Napoleon Solo - a sloop he designed and built himself. He's bound for Antigua as part of the Mini Transat 6.50 single-handed sailing race from Penzance, England. One night a ferocious storm severely damages his boat. He escapes the sinking vessel in an inflatable life-raft, nicknamed Ducky, with a meagre supply of food and water. For 76 days he is adrift in the Atlantic Ocean at the mercy of the currents and winds.

Content licensed from ITV Global.

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Thierry Gov
you are a god
Isaac Ibnoumaryama
I'm just happy i have my own bathroom
Changa Carr
whole family was vegetarians they the hey u sssss with fuckign pyro fucing tecnicasdem bout dat fucing roman candles evrything u
Changa Carr
neever met them before
god bless fishermen
Psychotic Titan
why is it all these cuck channels using command and conquer music without the owners permission? its almost like they want a lawsuit XD, good video otherwise, just saying i'd be very careful putting music in like that unless you yourself own it.
Chico Mesa
Never take your blessings for granted. For God will show you how blessed you truly are by your own will.
Steven Dub
Imagine he orders Uber eats & they dropped it off in a drone
Steven Dub
I hate fish when it’s covered in bread crumb , deep fried in chocolate & covered in oil it’s still disgusting I couldn’t imagine catching a fish straight outta the ocean & eatting it raw
Steven Dub
This guy is so stupid ! If your so hungry why not cut your hair off & eat it ? Hair has so much protein he had enough supplies for a month till his raft got him to Jamaica .
Steven Dub
This whole story turned out to be a hoax this guy sold the story to a company they were planning a movie & the selling point it was “ Based on a true story” his brother but him on blast & said it was a lie .
Donald Romesburg
Amazing! As I see him sitting on the edge of his sail boat (yes I know it's a docudrama) or exercising, I can't but wonder what would happen if he slipped and fell in?! Even if the engine has some sore of kill switch attached to him, the winds or current might make it impossible to get back to the boat. How awful of a feeling that would be to see your boat leaving you behind in the open water. "All is lost" movie (Robert Redford) is a scary thought.
Christina M.
Proof that stress causes hair loss.

(Obviously stupid joke)
Billig erstandenes Bergsalz
What sunk his boat in the first place tho
Well I’m sure the experience gave him some direction in life which is what he was looking for anyways lol
cee dee
Felt like i just watched a light show / ambiance noise video, rather then a documentary.
11th day adrift, he realizes "there are fish here" @19:07
Nick T
Imagine fishing and seeing this dude pull up lmfao
Jamelia _ Studios
Me: *watch’s this video*

My sister: what’s happening in the video your watching?

Me: this man is stranded on the ocean


Me: that’s not lil dicky...

My sister: *tells everyone lil dicky was stranded on the ocean*

Me: 🤦🏾‍♀️
so is this the real story behind “Life of Pi”
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Survival in the Amazon Rainforest An Epic Fight To Stay Alive 1 year ago   47:52

Really useful in my own geography lessons, this is a great educational video (with some superb acting!) to explain to students the challenges faced in trying to survive in the Amazon Rainforest through the use of two different case studies.