Life was no paradise for them in beautiful Her own brother, My God 2 days ago   18:53

The Andersons, a British couple from Manchester England had recently celebrated 55 years of marriage and had started their retirement life on the beautiful island of Jamaica when everything came to a full stop. In this video we talk about in details what they went through, how it happened, who is responsible and what will come out of this. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.

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Trybal Justice
Big up sou flo community. Their is too much little clues that would lead me to believe that the contractors associated with the building of this house has something to do with the murders. Sou flo pointed out that their were alot of credit card transactions made to warehouse, nothing more than them using the people money fi fund a next project them working on. I would advise anyone abroad that wants to buy or build their home in Jamaica, pay a law firm to conduct all business associated with the house. Never make direct contact with the contractors or real estate agents, alot of them are crooks who feeds other crooks info that may cause u your life. Rich people in J.A. are usually not a target, but if u are coming home from abroad, different ball game. People be wise
Andy Bowman
Evil runs deep with some people ....greed as well !
Tamika Horsforf
The person who done that act God is not sleeping your days are coming he sees what you done
Tamika Horsforf
The British government and law will soon step in two innocent ppl
Tamika Horsforf
That sad if them continue with this murder tourism will not want to invest in them country thats sad and them lazy layback police should be a shame me would never go to that country never never
Sincerely Kenzie
Hmmm... something fishy they need to go deeper in this story
Sharon Osbourne
Private Eye Social Investigator, well based on the information stated in this video, it sounds like a jealousy x-wife/girlfriend family stole their money and set dem on Fire: given that his genitals was a target. If that is a old house from yard converted into a beautiful home...Jealousy hate crime, some one close in the yard...It's unfortunate the couples loose their lives in a manner in which Jamaicans are consider vicious people to do this to a married couple after 55-years...A SHAME A GOD SHAME PON UNNO JAMAICANS PON THE ISLAND...these folks are retiree/geriatric people who deserve forgiveness, understanding and compassion and not to mention love & respect for being married 55 long year. I give my condolence to their family at home and abroad...this murder should not go un-solve, British Gov should get involved to find the killer/killers.
Cant trust nobody messed up situation
Ban Powel
They csught the stiinking rotten evil c#nt who done this murder???????? In my country the people would have surrounded the police station.........( this evil filthy fucin animal deserves no justice)
Ban Powel
Jamacain devils, i have never come across such stories of pure evil, i cant wait for the chinese to take over......the only other country where this evil takes place and instigated by rotten to the core cowardly human animals is? Africa
Marion Rodriguez
Risky place to retire,will kill innocent people for money.evil money hungry people.
Crime can happen anytime, anywhere, but Jamaica really gone out of hand, it's too much to bear. Is like every second man you meet, is a teef or murderer, how can you feel safe in an environment like this.
kiki d
So sad ❤
Opal Bell
Demons running all over the place !
Egnesia Blake
THOSE DIRTY BASTARDS ,NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE.hope when caught feed them alive to the dogs.
In other words the police are NOT doing a darn thing, except to rely on word of mouth. No investigation is going on...and will only take place if England continue to apply pressure. I recently spend a few months with no physical harm, but I was vigilant in every move I made and I am certain if I had decided to stay/permanently to live and folks started watching my going and comings, they would engage in the same plan of theft and destruction towards me and my family.

I temporarily spent time with a family at one phase of my trip "I was invited by someone I became acquainted with through business". At the home they put together a very sophisticated scheme and stole almost $100,000.00 JA dollars from me. "we went out a lot together, so I was baffled trying to retrace my movements etc" in the end, certain actions confirmed my thoughts. Days later I caught one going through my purse in the room that I stayed in, while the other had engaged me in conversation on the veranda. I had turned to go back into the room and saw the person jumped from my purse and pretended to be rummaging elsewhere for something they had left in there. I kept my I kept lamenting about the missing money, wondering out loud that it was most likely a local guide or someone at a function that I had attended took it because of course I trusted that they were nice people and would never take from me. One of the culprit then offered me a loan out of the money that was stolen from me and explained that they had something important to do, so I would have to repay asap with a little interest. In their opinion I was a fool from America in their midst.

To avoid any drama, I agreed to the terms, took the so-called loan, didn't tell the police, then after I removed myself, I called the criminal and explained that I knew exactly what was done,so I took the loan as a means to recover what they had taken and made them believe they had me where they wanted me. Ofcourse they were stunned!! I told them how much of a criminal, predator and leach they were. No, I don't fear going back because I have relatives that are outlaws, if they even think about stepping to me, but at the time I didn't want to get my young relatives involve in a situation that could have resulted in injury or murder and land them in jail and I was far away in a different parish when this occurred. I used the old technique, when yuh hand is in a lion mouth, you tek time tek it out. It would gotten ugly based on their affiliation with crooked law enforcement etc. So I summoned the old brotha Nancy stories and work dem from that angle. I recovered over 60%.

So yes, Jamaica is full of sociopaths, even persons in your family, persons who pretend to be your friend, THEY WILL PLOT AGAINST YOU while pretending to aide you. There was a lot more to this story, but I just gave a summary of the main point. ALL THE WHILE THEY PRETENDED TO BE CONCERNED AND KIND. I left Jamaica with a whole different mindset.
Lusi Myer
I have always wanted to go to Jamaica. For the last 25 yrs or so. I was always concerned about my life...and wondered if I ever should go? I could never decide. Lately seeing all these murders I find I may be right..I may never get to see J.A in my lifetime. No one is sacred there..not even children!
R.I.P to Charlie and Gayle. So tragic and senseless.
Joanie Joy Morgan
Thanks Souflotv for your genuine and faithful updates. It was hard to listen to. Thanks for your courage and strength to explain it and share photos even when it is hard for you too to digest. I'm not pleased at all about this brutal treatments of this couple and others who had suffered in one way or another. Jesus, Lord, this one is so hard. RIP beautiful souls. My condolences family.
Joanie Joy Morgan
I am totally upset. I can't even imagine what they have been through. If I find a way to live in Jamaica, this has helped to change my mind. Terrible wicked people.
Melvina Mcduffus
Am so sorry for the person's who had suffered at the hands of the animals here in our little's really hard and heart rending just reading what ppl has gone through.the helper son took them life but pay day is a must..
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Her own brother, My God Life was no paradise for them in beautiful 2 days ago   10:22

In this video we do a follow up to a story we recently covered on the channel about a woman from Westmoreland Jamaica that disarmed a gunman who had broken into her house. Listen carefully to the surprising twist in this story as we bring you a clean cut version of what really took place. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.