Inside a scam call center Scaring Scammers! Calling India 4 months ago   15:49

Jim Browning
These guys are a particularly nasty group from Kolkata in India. They run a refund scam and this video shows what their call center looks like, how they operate, who and where they are. I've sent a link to the unblurred version of this video to the Kolkata Cyber Police (for all the good that it will do).

To see the unblurred version yourself, here is a link to the version:!/v/jimbrowning/zsgjr21a

There is more information about them on

I refer to a video where Christy has her files deleted by these scammers. You can find it here:

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jeff filippo
These guys are a waste of life. I can only hope they are completely fucking miserable.
Garrus Vakarian
Must be rough to live in a

Having been in both crammed spaces with lots of people and to India specifically, I can assure you the cigarette smoke is making the situation better, not worse.
It's a blessing, really. And probably the reason those people smoke in the first place.
Also, God you suck at censoring those people xD no way that's not intentional.
Woo dy
Just put the phone down to anyone with an Indian accent , Its simple really.
Liam Walton
What muppets, did these guys even get education?
Great work. I wish I knew how you got their information but I don't want you to reveal your secrets. Keep up the fight sir.
Cedric Villani
Why bleap out his name and hide his face?!? Your obviously a fraud yourself the scam is this scam channel that scams you into ads and patrons.
โชค ดี
You are amazing!
It is a like a nature documentary. Scammers in their natural environment.
Chris Garner
Thank you sir for showing this to us. We need to see what they do and how they do it and your video is spot on.
N English
Some of the stuff people fall for is very well made and professional, this however, is not. If you fall for a robocall text to speech engine, then you should just write a check and let someone else control . your finances afterwards. I bet that place smells of assholes, armpits, and curry.
Awesome job, please do this more often
Monica Lopez
Haha..if ypu you tube search:

"irl rosie", she gets them eeeverytime..haha they finally hang up...haha
If you remember, you have an account with us.
Aegeus Max
Scammers for getmo
Aegeus Max
Hire this guy and pin point and drop some ordinance. These guys have killed more people (suicide) than Alqaeda
White Lion
Just bomb that SH
Philip Inman
Wait, shouldn’t they notice the webcam is active?
Inspirational. This makes me want to pursue a career in cyber-security.
fishy fingers
I wonder how much peoples 💸 you have saved , from being stolen by these fu©kin scumbags 👏🏆🏅...
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Scaring Scammers! Calling India Inside a scam call center 4 months ago   12:14