Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog - The transformation This rescue was amazing - I'm so happy 3 months ago   05:05

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Dogs like this at the shelter are usually euthanized. We work with them and rehabilitate them until they are ready for adoption. We would LOVE for you to be a part of our team so please sign up to be a member here:


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My family & friends in Germany - you can see the video here:

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Cristina Aristizabal
I think what they do is an amazing job. All the love and care they put in every rescue, I just don’t have words. I another note, I hate when people dress their animals like if they were humans!
Mia Gee
Oooh, poor baby; she was so scared. I'm so glad she's happy and safe now... ❤
Drew Earthling
Why would you use music with lyrics? Of course it's distracting. Is this to illicit more sympathy thus more money? I already know the answer. Please stop.
Mey Sopheara
Laura Arendall
I love all your rescues they make me cry but I always end up with a smile on my face thanks for all you do for God's precious animals
This is just before and after you feed a hangry girlfriend
Christine O'Dea
i watched this and i creied for a HOUR
janice sanderson
Wow her face totally changed when the leash tightened to her neck . Was like a flashback or somthing
Emilio Silang Bonifacio
TF background music
Mary Edel Guzman
Where is Holly now? And how is she doing?
Jonathan Alvarez Braña
Humble Grumble
Why do people insist on putting animals in clothes?
Monica Lopez
Sabrina sab
Cosmin Bolog
You are awsome guys !!! So much dedicatios !! God bless you !!
Les Krapps
Is it okay for a 40 year old man to cry?
Style R
Millones de graciasss
Davara David
It's a shame here.... People or animal association show rescues dogs...disfigured... the last struggles of surviving... But you know...the poor animal often it's THE VICTIM EVEN OF THE RESCUERS...I can prove what I say... OFTEN, THE RESCUERS TAKE A GOG, DISFIGURES IT AND HUNGER IT IN ORDER TO SHOCK US.... to create mercy on us for the poor animal and admiration for savior.... and of course to ... BE VISIONED AND GET LIKES... is's a big promoted shame!...of course, there are real cases also, but I believe, most are liars.
please for heavens sake LOSE THAT MUSIC
almost made it unwatchable
SSsanta Dabat the haters
Look what you did you mother a*shole you put him or her sad
And scare
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This rescue was amazing - I'm so happy Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog - The transformation 3 months ago   08:44

I have been doing this work for many years and this was crazy... I can't believe how this rescue ended, and the reunion at the end will melt your heart.

Without support from our donors, these stories will have a very different ending to them. We work so hard, day and night, and we just need more people to join us as Hope For Paws members with a small donation:

Tiffy and Sophie were adopted, but there are many others who are still looking for a home. Please check out the pages of animals who are looking for a home on our website.

Thanks :-)


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