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Shoutout For Mad Dog Survival | How To Survive A Dog Attack - At Up-Tube.com

Shoutout for Mad Dog Survival How to Survive a Dog Attack 2 days ago   04:43

Lone Wolf
Check his channel out, brilliant. 👍🏼

If you want order something, get in touch with him.

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Mad Dog Survival
Excellent! Thank you! Glad it’s got to you ok, and glad you liked it! Proud to have one of my stickers on your wall of fame! Hope your items serve you well sister! Many thanks again! Best wishes my friend 👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏼😎
Природа Испании
Wonderful Souvenirs !!! 44// Happy holidays to You, dear friend !!!
WyoColo Experience
Cool stuff. I love getting packages!
GRACIAS POR VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob Painless
Very cool! Always fun to get mail! :-)
Dave Stredulinsky
Enjoyed your video. A good shoutout. Thank you for sharing.
Sue Nelson
Very cool and wow your so happy! Thanks for sharing!
Hazzell Urey
Awesome shout out my friend very nice and kind of you BEAUTIFUL do not cease to admired your hard work, creative potential and wonderful work Tfs 👍🏻support
Hey Susanne. Nice shoutout for Mad Dog. Hope you never need the whistle. The rod looks very nice.
Awesome share
Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness
lovely upload wishing you a great week ahead and thank you for your support which we always return all the best Naomi & Mark - Like 37
Ali 22
Nice shoutout Liked
Out West Homestead
That's some nice stuff. I went over and subscribed to him.
Georgia Sousani
Great upload !!! FView 👍
Robert Agri Chillin' Outdoors
Very Nice, Your going to need a bigger wall i'm betting!
Titi Brant
Hello my new friend Lone Wolf !!!! Very nice video !!!!!! Like ++++ !!!!Thank you for your subscription on my channel !!!!  I too am your new subscriber on your channel !!!  Good week to you !!! Your new friend Titi !!!!!! I put this video in my playlist November 2018 !!!!!
Carolina Chris Outdoors
👍🏻 Always nice to get mail!
Allen Oxendine
Thanks for sharing.. Hope you have a good week. Watching and Supporting... I'll check out his channel...
Gloann Estinor
Hiya lone...
Marco Savini
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How to Survive a Dog Attack Shoutout for Mad Dog Survival 2 days ago   06:07

How to defend a dog attack? What should you do if you're attacked by a dog? Should you run or fight? There is the only one way to survive.

You are enjoying your morning run in the park before work, and then suddenly a stray dog runs up to you, looking like it’s ready to attack you. Here are the most helpful recommendations of experts on how to keep yourself safe from dogs or what to do if you get attacked.

Who is at risk? 0:35
Avoiding the attack 0:58
Defending yourself 4:04
After the attack 5:19

- Most of the time joggers, cycles, and other fast-moving people get attacked.
- Don’t panic. Don’t try to run. Stand still. Don’t make eye contact. Make fists. Distract the dog with another object. Command the dog to «Back away!».
- Fight back. Yell for help. Protect your face and neck.
- See a doctor. Report the dog.

Tell us about your experience with dog attacks in the comment section below and share this video with your friends to keep them safe.

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