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Hey everyone, I ran across this garage hack the other day and even though it's top secret, I had to share.

Edit: For some reason, I feel the need to explain - The purpose of the channel is, in fact, DIY.... and somewhat budget oriented at that. The purpose of this video is to explain that you can use an old tool, maybe a retired punch, to get the job done - rather than go out and buy a new one. Yes, I am fully aware, there are a ton of other methods - this just happens to be one I wanted to share. ;)

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John Excellent
Could that tool be used to remove a bearing race from a motorcycle wheel? TY j
Gottlieb Goltz
I had a friend that was working in the Berkley pit in Butte, Mt, as a mechanic. He was working on a diesel-electric 200-ton dump truck and needed something to pull out a flywheel bushing got some wet toilet paper and a tight fit socket and extension packed in the wet t-paper, put the socket in backward with the extension and hit the rig with a soft-faced hammer and popped out the flywheel bushing right out. Yup.
Leo Bonin
not trying to be an ass but..if you lay the thing flat on a piece of cardboard with a rag on it and fill it with dry ice for 30 seconds, the bearing will fall out as soon as you flip it over.
Pople BackyardFarm
good info. New subbie :)
Saad Khaled
Gloves are for pussies ... You dont plan on wire wheeling do you .....
Analog Man
Nothing revolutionary. "Oil groove" chisels in use since beginning of Industrial Revolution. Also related to "Cape" chisel for hand cutting keyways.

A craftsman, millwright, and industrial mechanic would know that.
Dan Lorenzen
rick zym
snap-on use to have a bushing spliter that you could sharpen. my last one lasted ten years.
Rudy Duarte
I just loved it,old school,isn't?,now days some of the "technicians " just go to harbor freight.
if he was told to never tell, Why did he???
tanveer khan
Run a bead of weld on the internal ring this will shrink it dramatically the bushing will literally fall out.
Jose Peixoto
Nice tool,if you have to do a lot of extractions like that;
Now, with the same result: for a one off, just sharpen a small screwdriver or a small chisel or a 1/8th drill rod to a knife edge,and hammer and wedge it behind that thin/weak bushing,it will bend out (read... in,lol) the same way.
John in Okla
"Old mech said don't show this to anyone" and what does he do? He puts it on YT. hahaha
Jjj Sss
At 2:40, you said you didnt want to deform the bushing. i guess you changed your mind.
Robert McLoughlin
You were asked to tell nobody and you put it on utube. You are so untrustworthy. Shame on you.
Larry Kelley
That is called a hog nose chisel
Mobily Oblique
Your punch is a little short. Good trick.
Donald Kirby
Or I have use a gouge chisel or half round chisel. I used this type of chisel kinds of ways. But old school tools are getting hard to find..
I have a easy way. And you dont have to swing a hammer
Ryan Price
Don't tell anyone. Ok I'll only tell the world on YouTube.
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