Old Mechanic Said to never tell wow amazing new hack 10 months ago   05:06

Hey everyone, I ran across this garage hack the other day and even though it's top secret, I had to share.

Edit: For some reason, I feel the need to explain - The purpose of the channel is, in fact, DIY.... and somewhat budget oriented at that. The purpose of this video is to explain that you can use an old tool, maybe a retired punch, to get the job done - rather than go out and buy a new one. Yes, I am fully aware, there are a ton of other methods - this just happens to be one I wanted to share. ;)

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Jeff Arp
That's a cool idea, I was thinking I might make one of them for myself. Here's an idea I think I will make it out of an alignment pen it's what steel works use to align steel beams with you can get em any size they have a long shaft on the working end with no taper It.
It looks just like a Chizzle with a straight shaft on it ,I think it would work great for this application after I grind the end on it. THANKS
Burke Wills
I gave it a thumbs up & subscribed. I don’t want to miss anything cool. I doubt I’ll be rebuilding the transmission anytime soon . Need to replace the brushes in my alternator, popped the hood looked at all the mess under there, belts etc. etc. Closed the hood & fixed my toaster. Something got fixed at least. Take care and happy holidays...
Who Cares
you can use a small sharp chisel and just make a vertical cut......
Brett Dawson
What's the notch for?
Cochino Productions
Thanks for your effort, "cow-mouth/caped/capered, I seen alot of different chisels (4 rizzeal).
The coolest I seen was the clutch pilot bearing removal using bread, now that's working it like a Chinese spare rib. Any port in a storm. Thanks bruh!
I've seen a few people comment about a puller etc. When its later in the night and the parts stores are closed and you loaned your puller out or misplaced it, this will make the difference in moving foward with your project or coming to a stand still.
Don Ras
Good tip I sent it to my dad
Wm Brooks
Why is this supposed to be a secret??
Dave Bar
Yeah ....the 3 jaw slide humr takes um out 2
Now installing ? because tapping that in will mushroom the bronze /tin
Whacking it rubber hmr with its hub in?
billy smith
And where are your gloves
gerald Hemmings
Thanks for making that old - mechanic roll over in his grave 'tattle-tell man. grrr ! grrr! .. lol
Michael Wallis
Why didnt you push it out the other way.
James Peyton
The grinding process looks like it could be a bit dangerous if that wheel whips it out of your hands😩
Jeff's Little Engine Service
ol school, I like it
Mark Davids
The “old mechanic” was full of shit, I was expecting a hand held fusion reactor
callmenort nortin
cape chisel..available most everywhere ;)
Joseph Bragg
Great idea thanks
Giggitee O'Yeah
Very clever thanks for sharing. Genius in simplicity. My old man use to use a cold chisel, but this method doesn't marr, unlike how a cold chisel often does.
Teddy Machette
I should have never taught that guy that told this guy my secret . He gossiped like an old church lady . Way to go .
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