Finnegan's Garage Ep. 62 PT. 1 World's Longest 2000hp 266mph BIG RED 1969 Camaro. 6 months ago   29:56

Finnegan's Garage
The time has come for Jon Chase and I to line up our Chevys at a drag strip and find out who built the baddass Gasser. Nearly a year in the making, the race is going down February 8th and 9th 2019 at the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California. There's a lot on the line. We are racing in front of thousands of people and the winner gets an incredible trophy; the loser must shave their beard right there in front of everyone. A cold chin or worse yet a fresh double chin will be the consolation prize for the runner-up in this battle of old skool cool street car.
As usual, my car is not ready and neither is my tow vehicle and my friends and I must drive 2,000 miles just to get to the starting line. This is the first in a series of videos about our adventure. We'll upload Part 2 just soon as I finish ending it in between wrenching sessions. As I type this we are almost to California, having thrashed on both the Ramp Truck and Blasphemi while having the time of our lives.

We couldn't have made the trip without the help of our friends at and Miller Welders and because of that we've included links to the tools we used in this video. If you want more information please visit their respective YouTube channels and websites. YouTube Channel:

The TMS Hydraulic Crimper:

The ShrinkFlex 2:1 General Purpose Shrink Tube Kit:

Miller Welders YouTube

Fusion 160:

Multimatic 220 AC/DC:

If you'd like to own any of the hats, shirts or hoodies seen in this video please visit our store. I swear every dollar you spend will be foolishly spent on keeping Blasphemi running. lol



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that's an awesome name on the side, compared to the last one. well, anything's better than the last one... but, awesome look!
Rob Beebe
Why not add Dielectric grease before you crimp?
707 auto Ace
The Maza Roddy got stolen what please tell us about that
Reeble Snarfle
Blasphem on a good day!
Love the glorious adventures of "Mint Truck"!
(Ever get around to fixin the saggy headliner???)
If not, please replace w maroon headliner, kida looksa mite chinchy with a white one. Looks like somebody hung a sheet in there ... lol 🤐
I appreciate that you don't put a 1 minute "preview" up and force us to pay monthly to watch one show like your bosses do when we already pay for a sub to 3 video platforms that offer thousands of shows each. I watched every Roadkill and Dirt Everyday that came out, even a couple months into the on demand garbage until they started releasing only previews on Youtube. Now I don't watch on either platform.
Cody Campbell
26:07 guy in camo, whats with his eyes? lol
You should think about putting a solar system on the roof of that truck to power the winch lights etc in the box
Josh Mckaig
You are in an abusive relationship with this truck.
J.C. Kohle
Yea see? get it towed . Fix it proper . Stay outa that town you bought the rampie from and you're golden man. Your rig is bitchin mean w. Blasphemi & the T's and all your kit. Just needs a bedroom at the front? LOL.
That thing is absolutely amazing. Now I want one.
17:04 dog comes over for a sniff. Lol
that mask had me rolling.. there should always be a moment in every video from now on
Is that Tank Abbott.. .. couldn't be 28:32 Rip
Richard M. Lowe
What is Finnegan's email address
I have a leaf spring differential issue/swap I want to do and that includes a rim and tire mount for the rear of my 2006 Chevrolet Silverado LT Short Wheel Base
I dont think you are a good mechanic , either that or theway the show is structured , somthing allways has to break down , either way it makes you look bad .
Exactly what I would expect from a chevy? Another job for Mr. Good-wrench. This stupid sob pays full price for it too. Damn
The Bearded Crusader
I bet the homeowners association just loves you.
The Bearded Crusader
Are the air bags out in that truck?
Pfol Chromoly
You ate a "buffet" dude!😁😁😁
Jason Bernal
So when does she go diesel?
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2000hp 266mph BIG RED 1969 Camaro. Finnegan's Garage Ep. 62 PT. 1 World's Longest 6 months ago   16:21

This may very well be one of the most legendary car builds of all time. That's a big claim... but backing it up is 2000 horsepower, a base Veyron-crushing top speed of 266mph, countless race wins over the past few decades, and a rebirth from a fire that could have ended it completely. Hold onto your keyboards, this is a story for the times.

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