Dana White: 3 of Khabib's crew Dana White Addresses Attack 4 months ago   03:10

Dana White 1-on-1 with Megan Olivi after UFC 229.

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Dana White: 3 of Khabib's crew arrested after UFC 229 | INTERVIEW | UFC 229


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What did you think about the post-fight events?
eduardo aeg
silent mental aporoach
Vince McMahon=Dana White. UFC is a joke
Isaac Ibnoumaryama
Doesn't matter if they taken to jail. They get the job done lol
Haseeb Khan
Dana “Double Standards” White
Art Vanderlay
You know his BP is like 180/115 lol
Jase Bugatti
So what khabib jumped the cage Dillon through the first punch and Conor jumped on the cage along with khabibs cousin and teammate where Conor threw the second punch and then got confronted by khabibs teammate then threw the 3rd punch then got a taste of his own medicine by guy in the red shirt. Conors team took things to the level it ended up at that night. Ufc,Nevada and ufc commentators (with the exception of bisping for correcting his facts) are bias and wrong
Denon Evon
Conor and Dana are wayyy too close. They've at least kissed...
Conor should have been arrested too .../watch?v=BUXJlreM4zQ
Keith G
Dana you are so full of BS- YOU and you alone are responsible - smiling at all the events and enjoying the hype surrounding these two fighters - You encouraged the foul mouth of Conor and then your surprised by the outcome !  Khabib is a honorable and fought to destroy McNothing for the insults he hurled about his family and religion...…… You can't expect us to swallow that lame excuse - " I don't know what to think"  -  Hate is what you wanted to display between these two - it sells tickets!  Now deal with it.   Get control of your fighters in the future or is the GATE what you love more ?
David Sheidy
If anybody's is Dana White he's the one that allowed all that b******* on the post light and that s*** that happened in New York Dana White's responsible for that too also he was sitting there celebrating in front of the old everybody started acting like the chief commander of the UCF but Dana White's the one responsible for this for the UFC talkin about the man's religion is father as parents I mean come on O'Connor you got your s*** Dana White Trash talkin piece of junk yourself you're the one that's responsible for this nobody but you
MT Matt
I'm not condoning Khabib's behavior but Connor went way too far in the pre fight build up. He insulted Khabib's nationality, family, religion and associations with nefarious people. During a pre-fight press conference he even put a glass if whiskey in front of Khabib who is a devout Muslim. There is nothing more central to who you are than your family and your religion. IMO what we saw from Khabib was a delayed visceral reaction. Dana condoned Connor's behavior because it sold the fight. IMO Dana and Connor both share the blame for the incident.
Andrew Theodore
you are the president of the ufc - STOP SAYING "you know"
TheBigCheese King
I am now playing the world's smallest violin for Dana😭
Joe Lackey
No mention of Conor taking the cheap shot that started the brawl in the octagon?
monty royal
Get control of your athletes!
Gerard Butler
ab$olutely di$gusted
Jase Bugatti
Conor is the same guy that jumped the cage to charge at Aldo and his wife the same guy that hit a ref (Kevin molehog) and other officials the same guy that brought 40 other criminals with him to attack khabib and then used s deadly weapon to do so. Conor is the real criminal and disgrace to the sport.
Jase Bugatti
McGregor used a deadly weapon trying to hurt khabib and his teammates on that bus not to mention the other innocent people on board. Conor is the real criminal. Not to mention he brought 40 other criminals with him to take part in his criminal and potentially deadly activities .
Yeah just like danna said to fighters not to speak about Jesus in the octegon he should also tell fighters not to speak about family's 👋👋👋👋 mcgregor and danna created that monster inside khabib
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Dana White Addresses Attack Dana White: 3 of Khabib's crew 4 months ago   04:56

Dana White was very unhappy after one of the UFC's biggest events that ended in a brawl between Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team against Conor McGregor and his team that went outside of the octagon at UFC 229 and he addressed the press with his thoughts.

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