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Tennis Best Points Selection | Tennis Forehand Transformation - Technique - At Up-Tube.com

Tennis best points selection Tennis Forehand Transformation - Technique 2 days ago   02:17

Tennis points with trickshots and some nice forehands and backhands

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Kelli Gountikas
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Tennis Forehand Transformation - Technique Tennis best points selection 2 days ago   01:12

Tennis Forehand Transformation - Technique For Maximum Power and Control. In this video lesson, Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov is working on his student's forehand technique, the player struggles with timing, power and consistency on his forehand. The key elements that they focus on are:
Early preparation on the forehand with the racket and non-hitting separating earlier in the swing, if the left-hand stays on the racket for too long the player will struggle with timing the contact in front of the body.
Reaching a good power position on the forehand - if the non-hitting hand stays on the racket for too long the end result will be rushing during the forward phase of the swing but it also means the player doesn't reach a good power position. The power position is where the non-hitting hand is across the body, almost in line with the baseline, the racket head is higher than the grip level creating leverage in the racket and hand and the body is coiled up, ready to uncoil on the forward phase of the swing.
Weight transfer and full rotation - Simon's student struggles to open up the shoulders fully on the finish and this blocks the amount of power he can generate. By uncoiling fully on the forward phase you can generate maximum power and control of the shot plus the weight transfer becomes much easier when done correctly.