Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in South Spain's Most Beautiful Villages 1 day ago   02:20

Rob Markievic
My list of best cities in South of Europe you should visit:
Porto Portugal, Athens Greece,Milan Italy,Lisbon Portugal, Madrid Spain, Istanbul Turkey,Florence Italy,Barcelona Spain,Venice Italy,Rome Italy.

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Monteiro I
Isn’t France south Europe
I'm greek but Athens is not as beautiful as Nafplio in Peloponnisos
Sandzak Bosniak
Where's Belgrade, Sofia , Gjirokastra, Zagreb ,Split - also South European
"instabul" is not Europe since 1453, learn the difference idiots
dardan ra
istanbul is not south europe
Ana Pontes
Lisbon and Porto, two beautiful cities in Portugal 🇵🇹 and both have beaches 🌊⛵️🏖🌅
Jonathan King
This is a terrible list. Madrid and Barcelona wouldn't even be that high on a list of top 10 most beautiful cities in Spain. Seville and Cadiz are #1 and 2 hands down. You have to have Napoli on the list. I would include Mostar too. This is just off the top of my head.
Italy is the best country in South Europe. Also Barcelona is a great city!!!
JJ Hol
Seville? Is more beautiful Seville that Madrid.
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