Breaking Down the Key Moments From Racism accusation sparks fury 2 months ago   04:53

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During a dramatic and partisan hearing Wednesday, President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen testified on a wide range of topics. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday recaps the key moments and new allegations. Photo: Getty

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Arief Rakhman
WSJ supposed to leaning right, right?
Éamonn Síoċáin
The Republicans have made a tactical error in trying to discredit a convicted liar who has retracted his lies and has presented evidence in support of his testimony. Their puerile attacks were both pathetic and embarrassing.
Sharon Combs
Who cares?!
c c
scripted world theatre
all scripted puppet actors roleplaying for the world elite
ignore all the lies ........anyone who would give this slimeball time is pathetic
wayne wang
He is still on Trump's side. Muller is fooled
Draining the swamp:

1. Paul Manafort (Trump's foreign campaign chairman) has pled guilty to conspiracy against the US, he has spent the last few months in solitary confinement

2. Michael Cohen (Trump's former personal lawyer) has plead guilty and is currently cooperating with the Mueller investigation

3. Samuel Patten (Paul Manaforts Russia contact) has pleas guilty

4. Rick Gates (former Trump campaign official) has plead guilty and is currently cooperating with Mueller investigation

5. Alex van der Zwann (Paul Manaforts Russian contact) has plead guilty

6. Richard Pinedo (sold stolen identifies to Russians) has plead guilty

7. Michael Flynn (Trump's first national security advisor) has pleas guilty and is currently cooperating with the Mueller investigation

8. George Papadopoulos (Trump's former foreign policy advisor) has plead guilty

Mueller is working his way up the chain and the last name to be added to this list will be Trump's
Trump Facts

1. He has accepted money from foreign governments, used the presidency to promote his businesses and hidden his personal finances from the American people.

2. He directed a criminal campaign-finance violation scheme, in the final month of the presidential campaign, and lied to the American people about it.

3. He pressured Justice Department officials to go easy on an investigation into the president himself and his campaign.

4. He attempted to undermine the credibility of multiple checks and balances on the executive branch, including the justice system, the press, the electoral system and the Central Intelligence Agency.
Larry Aldama
Lock him up and Trump
Queue Rage Against the Machine’s “Testify”
Alias Ocean
Why is he allowed to violate attorney client privilege though ?
Dirty Dish
Fake news wands have no effect in our courts of law. Trump loyalists should seek out sound legal arguments as viable alternatives.
One word B
I believe Lynne Patton will win an award for her role in Massa May I Speak she did everything a trained circus animal does sorry Stacy Dash this fool just stole your crown
Nychelle Brewer
Good point, about how Trump didn't have to coach Cohen directly on what to say--just reiterated his talking points to make sure everything stayed on message, and presumed his lawyer would know exactly what he meant, and how to spin it.
Leo gh
1. If trump used federal funds to pay off Daniels that is impeachable I believe but I bet he used his personal funds.
2. The Mueller investigation granted an indictment on stone and i think they have a hold of his phone records so they can easily prove/disprove the proposed phone call
3. So he didn't believe he would win. What is he proposing.....that trump promised to do things for Russia which he was supposedly sure he could not keep due to him needing the presidency. Or most probable that he was looking to expand a property/business venture like any businessman would. Anyway the Mueller investigation will hopefully give us a concrete answer on the extent of his relationship with russia
Hulahoney 70
"I Lied, but I am Not a Liar" ~ Classic Cohen Quote BWHAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Why does Congress eant to hear what a proven liar has to say about Trump? Clinton and Lynch met to prevent HRC from being prosecuted.  Protecting DNC, HRC and themselves. Rosenstein and Comey gave $1,000,550.00 to Clinton Foundation from   holdings in Fidelity Investments. Mueller contributed to CF with Vanguard holdings.  Black web found in CF tax Schedule C. Conflict of interest? Breaking ethics laws? Fraud?  Should have recused themselves from this special lynching counsel. Thought Lynching was now illegal!?!?  How many times does Mueller have to say that Trump is NOT under any criminal investigation? How many times has the true Russian connection been found? Fusion GPS, Steel Dossier, Uranium One, HRC and DNC are all connected.
Collin Walker
If you have to look down to read every word of a sentence ...its probably not coming from the heart.
Blame all the things YOU did on someone else.....what a rat and a can't believe this POS.
tommy d u b b s
"I gargled his man juice...and I didn't feel good about it.." -Cohen
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Racism accusation sparks fury Breaking Down the Key Moments From 2 months ago   08:45

During her questioning of President Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) suggested that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) bringing a black woman who used to work for Trump to combat claims that the President is racist was itself racist. #Cohen #CNN #News