J.K. Rowling's Struggle With JK Rowling interview: 'I bought my wedding 1 year ago   07:00

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Oleg Bessarabov Медицина Будущего
Harry Potter DNA Shock for Warner Bros. Writer Oleg Bessarabov gave an interview on TV. He told the story of the transformation of the girl Lena into a Harry Potter boy In 1994, Oleg Bessarabov brought the girl Lena and her friends to the UK and introduced them to all English publishers. In England, the publishers thought that Lena was an orphan and gave the girl for Rowling. Together with Lena there was a letter to the editor and the life story of this girl in English. D. Rowling with a magical talent turned the girl into a Harry Potter boy and gave him British citizenship. Together with Lena there was a letter to the publishers and the life story of this girl in English. So that no one would know that they came from Russia, friends dressed in invisibility cloaks got on a magic train and went to the Warner Bros film studio. The invisibility cloaks they were brought from Russia. Harry Potter and the company started making money for their foster mother. They made films about life in Russia. For their stories, Harry Potter and his foster mother regularly receive the most prestigious literary awards. Nobody knows that Harry Potter used to be a girl, and his foster mother carefully hides it. It's time to do a DNA test for Harry Potter and his friends! It is time to return their ancestry to these emigrants. This pedigree is called "The Book of Fates or the Adventures of a Girl Lena in a Wonderful Country" The author is a pedigree writer Oleg Bessarabov. 
Bond Fella
Remember when Harry wasn’t gay?
Anita Naseer
The woman from scholastic tho, she looked like she had to memorize that.
Robert Fletcher
If only she was done with Harry Potter...
Tobias Sonntag
Holger john the red roaster
Lol "fantasy wise I'm probably done"

She tried one adult oriented novel and went back to milking the "wizarding world".

For such a genuinely inspiring, caring figure who did so much to encourage my generation to take up reading it's a shame she now seems creatively bankrupt.
Karne Ravi
I will do anything for Harry Potter
Youtube Red
I bet she do have writer's block when Matt Groening is confirming she never even wrote Harry Potter. See "The Book Job" of the Simpsons
Meister Incognito
I'm getting money money money... FUCK YOU POOR BITCHES!
Vishnu Kamdar
Jason Cockcroft.
Mutt Fitness
1:05 they mention writer's block for 10 seconds or less. Thank me later.
Kishalay Sinha
I also have J. K. Rowling's recent novel (probably her latest novel) THE CASUAL VACANCY, Little Brown/hachette INDIA, hardbound, 503 pages, ₹850
Kishalay Sinha
I have all novels in the Harry Potter series, I think. (They are all based on Me The Top Magician.) - G
Kingstone Mupedziswa
11 million books sold on the first day of release??

Legend level unlocked!
I wanted to hear about her struggle with writer's block...I didn't hear much about that in this video. Very disappointed.
Johanna {NOT a christie Fan !}
Daniel Radcliffe and "Harry' are fortunate to have an author who cared about her star character the way Ms. Rowling did.
I'm so glad I was born in time to be a kid when her books were coming out. A happy and exciting time to be a literate child
Natalie P
That Scholastic woman looks and sounds like she's reading her lines. She looks like a robot. Lol
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JK Rowling interview: 'I bought my wedding J.K. Rowling's Struggle With 1 year ago   09:37

JK Rowling interview: 'I bought my wedding dress in disguise'

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A rare chance to see an interview with JK Rowling. The Harry Potter author talks about insomnia, the Scottish referendum and what her most favourite recent novel has been. Rowling's new book - for adults - is called The Casual Vacancy and is out on 27 September

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