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All 36 Civs On Giant Earth [Rise | How To Analyze Start Locations In Civ 6 Rise - At Up-Tube.com

All 36 CIVS on Giant Earth [Rise How to Analyze Start Locations in Civ 6 Rise 1 year ago   10:20

Drew Durnil
All 36 Civs in their true start locations on a giant Earth map [Civ 6]. Every Civilization is playing on deity with the new expansion Rise & Fall. Each continent is now more crowded [expect Australia of course] meaning more colonization, free cities, and war! Who do you think will win? Let me know down below.

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All States Independent Until 1 Left [HOI4]:

Austria-Hungary & Ottomans Return:

Poland / Lithuania return in HOI4:
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About Civilization 6: Rise and Fall
Civilization VI is a game about building an empire to stand the test of time, and the Rise and Fall expansion brings new choices, strategies, and challenges for players as they guide a civilization through the ages. Can you inspire the Loyalty of people around the world, or will you lose cities to your rivals? Will you establish a Golden Age for your civilization, or be mired in a Dark Age? In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, you truly become a leader for the ages.

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How to Analyze Start Locations in Civ 6 Rise All 36 CIVS on Giant Earth [Rise 1 year ago   29:42

Hey guys, PotatoMcWhiskey here with a video on how to settler your first city in Civ 6. I see a lot of people struggle with this so I thought it would be worth it to make a guide talking about what goes through my head when I'm choosing a starting location.

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