FINALLY! DURAMAX VS F450 DRAG How Much do BIG Car Youtubers REALLY Make... 2 months ago   10:48

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Egglinton Gaming
You should do a giveaway and give me your truck I love that truck
Joseph Mooney
Love your channel bro! Always a good time lol you've helped me realise I want a Dmax! So I'm already looking and going to purchase early spring time when the weather is nice here in Yakima Washington.
That truck is *B A D A S S*
Eric Reyes
The real deal is manual.
Rodney's kayak fishing
U guys should do some off roading
Travis Helms
that's a sexy look 450 for sure..
Nicholas Brandon
mclearen vs greg a
Keston Koyle
Ford's are still stronger
Goku Richardson
You are wrong
James Sparacco
Shoulda raced it against an f250 instead of a big dually but either way the 6.4 is very fast just not too reliable... I'm not bashing brands or anything, I like them all but I'm mainly a Ford guy
Deere 6430
I have a 08 f450 bucket truck with 182,000 miles, and almost 9000 hours. Honestly I love it. But I know any day it’s going to let go. I don’t think I’d ever buy one though. They are just to expensive to work on. It will out run the Duramax kodiaks.
Bet I can’t hit 10,000subs Without a video
No duh it won it’s a ford hehehehe
brent vance
You have a Chevy so it will probably catch fire.
Andrew Earley
Ima ford fan but your entertaining even all the shit you talk about ford I still like you
Silas Wixom
A quarter mile in three seconds
Silas Wixom
My dads truck would smoke the 450
Bob Mrkus
Fellas, especially you Mike.
Two words "Brake Upgrade"
Deborah Noell
How the fuck don’t you get pulled over? Your truck is illegal as shit. You can kill someone if your tires throw a stone into someone’s windshield. Who’s your mechanic? I’d love to know!
blake iddings
Race tune and rematck
Quan McCall
lmao neither one could beat any of Greg A's trucks
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How Much do BIG Car Youtubers REALLY Make... FINALLY! DURAMAX VS F450 DRAG 2 months ago   18:06

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