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How To Make A Boat || Bottle Boat | Missing Bear | Funny Episodes - At Up-Tube.com

How to make a BOAT || bottle BOAT Missing Bear | Funny Episodes 1 year ago   10:06

Make Your OWN Creation
Learn - How To Make a plastic bottle BOAT
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Comments 102 Comments

Your video is very interesting. I want to reprint your video to Bilibili. It will mark the original address of the video and your youtube name.Ok?
Leandro Sales
rajaramm cm
Did not understand how did you control the direction of the boat
Murningsing Ereload
Bagus sekali kak
Manobesh kumar Mondal
Nice video
Pactum Excello
you mean TOY BOAT.
Santanu Priya
Call me
Kndeb Chakma
denis hauk
Reza Ozan
Reza Ozan
Manoj Jadhav
Very good
Manoj Jadhav
sumit Vishwakarma
You have idea to easy to make a mother boat⛵
Dandu Geetha
Did u charged the lipo battery with imaxb6 lipo charger ?
Model is nice but cover the upper part of boat
domalapally kishan
Zaky Muhammad Hammam
Mas mesinnya beli dimana dan apa namanya harganya berapa
Timsi Gandhi
What was that which turns it
Vijay Mandhan
Bahi badiya aachi ha
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Missing Bear | Funny Episodes How to make a BOAT || bottle BOAT 1 year ago   42:38

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