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Diet Coke Launcher - Ahwu | I'll Never Get Away With - At Up-Tube.com

DIET COKE LAUNCHER - AHWU I'll Never Get Away With 2 months ago   15:51

Achievement Hunter
Thanks to MVMT Watches for sponsoring today's episode. Get 15% off today at http://mvmt.com/ahwu.

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It's AHWU 474! Diet Coke is usually propelled by Mentos. We're using a toy "rocket" launcher.

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#AHWU #Comedy #Unboxing

Comments 491 Comments

5 bucks says Trevor never picked up the Diet Coke from outside
I'm glad that AH are helping out the homeless 10:05
(That was a joke, I saw one made about Matt Bragg walking into frame and Fiona did something similar)
Emulated Nostalgia
Holy shit you guys discovered a way to sabotage other sets. Fire and forget coke cans.
MatPat Will *LOVE* this!
Livvy Flynn
That survey is actually really fun!
Krail Carden
Am I The Only One Who Loves That None Of Them Realize Theyre Hen-Tie T-Shirts? Hentai.
tyranosouros rex
Can I play with gavin please
Quinton Starman
Anyone else wants Geoff to fight a bear like Jackie moon but better
Miss Vidzy
hahaha 'hen tie'
A Guy On The Internet
Survey is useless, you cannot actually give advice, critiques, or feedback of any kind about their new site and how buggy it is.
"We want your feedback! Share your thoughts with us!" Followed by an entire survey of what sites and YT channels you frequent for content. No open field to say what's actually on our mind. No opportunity to bring up things that upset or things that elate.
For one, I'm upset with having to go to a half-broken RSS feed to download the audio version of Off Topic and RT Podcast. I'm displeased with the disappearance of the link dump when RT remade their site to favor video content over everything else.
Also, these guys gotta post their clothing sizes somewhere for people who want to send them T-shirts and such
The psychotic grin on Ryan's face for, "Diet Coke ball!" is awesome
Guys, come on with that vibrator. I like to be wined and dined first before I get fucked.
Sarah Weisters
That Diet Coke launch was the funniest fucking thing I've seen since the giant peanut butter sandwich!! XD
Eric Burns
Trevor should’ve thrown that spraying Diet Coke into the next room and yelled “GRENADE” and then run out
Quentin Smith
Does it have to be jizz filled Diet Coke
I realize it's their sponsor, but MVMT watches are crap. The actual movements are just a generic, digital/motorized movement that you find in any cheap $5-10 watch. "Sweet, I'm gonna go pay a 90$ premium for a glass crystal, Chinese manufacturing, and a trendy name because Cheez-Its."
Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
1:48 GTA Sonic video 2:42 DHD reveal , egg plant emoji vibrator 4:00 "is it used.." 5:15 Vibrator POV 6:46 Diet Coke Ball 7:35 Full coke rocket ball 9:00 Sunglasses with bottle opener 9:08 DICK BALL 9:26 Alfredo saved Jeremy 10:40 Rimmy and Tim Warhammer , everyones figures , Gavin moonballs the pieces, Ry-An , Trevor the Exile 12:10 Chicken with a Tie shirt... Hen-Tie 12:40 Fiona gets the shirt joke
Diet Coke Launcher AHWU
1:20 (I choose you moonball)
7:49 (full coke- I GOT IT!!!!!) * * RTCS*
9:07 (Dick Ball) RTCS** *
14:00 (JAHWU, Jahrul?) *
Abel Galván
As they put on the shirts......Little do they realize it’s a Play On Words/Pun
Shirt. It basically “says” Hen-Tie.

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I'll Never Get Away With DIET COKE LAUNCHER - AHWU 2 months ago   36:59

The boys load up Gmod for some more Prop Hunt gameplay. Jeremy hides like an idiot in some of his best worst hiding spots yet.

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