MESSI, WIJNALDUM, MOURA: #UCL Wayne Rooney - All 39 of his European goals 2 weeks ago   02:35
Watch the best goals from UEFA Champions League semi-finals.


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Brooklyn Beckham
Tottenham vs Ajax Barcelona vs Liverpool Semi-Finals
Дарья Чубарова
Bravo, Moura!
Football EU
Unfortunately for Messi
The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus
There's no opinion in what I'm about to say here, this is complete fact. There's no debate, no argument, no ifs, no buts, no coconuts. Divock Origi's second goal was the best goal of the semi-finals.
JanKaktus HD
Lucas‘ second goal was the best of all
Saswata Roy
This list is incompletw without Lucas Moura's 2nd goal vs Ajax
*Barça still wait the corner kick!*
Unknown Chemist
Barcelona are still waiting for the corner
Aine O Leary
Where is Messi's dive?
4-0 barka got served and destroyed 🤣 And the legend says that messi is still crying in the dressing room 😂
tulip store
1:09 the best goal 🖒
Voglio una vita decente
Ronaldo gol against Tottenham? Oh no...
I think Moura's second goal is even more impressive than the first and third goals.
ame me
messi better than ronaldo
AK films
Messi's goals are pure class .. but what is a use if he have garbage teammates...🤫
wine grace
Moura's second goalwas the best
Навруз Сафаралиев
Barca never found the perfect replacement for Neymar.
Ashish Prasai
Suarezs timing was also good
Diego J.
Origi!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
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Wayne Rooney - All 39 of his European goals MESSI, WIJNALDUM, MOURA: #UCL 2 weeks ago   05:59

Wayne Rooney is now Manchester United’s greatest ever goalscorer and 39 of his strikes for the club have come on the European stage. Watch every one of them in this video.