Polo.G aka Mr.DoTooMuch-"Gang With Me"(Many AR-AB - MANY MEN FREESTYLE (50 CENT 1 year ago   03:18

Polo. Capalot Official
Unsigned & Unmanaged 19yr Old Chicago Artist From The North Side Of Chicag Polo G

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Frogy Parra
I miss the old polo g but that beat killed me
Saleena Lopez
Polo g be going crazy 🤪🤪 I fw heavily best rapper in da industry hands tf down
Hayes Tucker
Some Lyrics from Many Men by 50 cent
retryingRED .0
Beat: Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman!😁
Lyrics: THE HOOD🤑🧤🗡️😠
greeny boi
Charlie Brown cripwalks to this
Lucas /
This song deserves more views
David Flores
Yay only real fans in this comment section
Skrrrt Skrrrt Sir
This song so fire but why the beat sound like Charlie brown
park 231
Get-The-Strap YT
Best part was 0:00 to 3:18
Cullon Cabler
Like before a million views because you know it’s going to hit it 🙌🏻
Still only 110 k views brazy
This go harder than the bricks i be shooting
Dark Hollywood Dark Hollywood
*julian edelman brought me here*
Had To
Every song is a banger
Antonio Vanegas
Shit weak af nigga -Jenkins (aka try it tf out)
Jennifer Bevers
Like if Polo G is the best rapper
Holy shit why aint this have 20+mill views
Me: 0:03 nice beat get the kids

Me: 0:09 oh oh wait what ayy but still fire
Sketchy Tapes
Hard for me to fuck wit todays rappers except Polo G (his shit cold AF)
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AR-AB - MANY MEN FREESTYLE (50 CENT Polo.G aka Mr.DoTooMuch-"Gang With Me"(Many 1 year ago   03:40