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Mahindra New Zealand

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Sunil Ipe
Latest one launched in India, V11. Engine 2179 cc, 6 M, 4 cylinder diesel, power 155 bhp max (2017 model means 140) , torque 360 nm (2017 model means 330), mileage 16 km, air bags, ABS, diamond cut alloys, chrome cladding. In 2018, daytime running lamp, button controlled 6 positions of seat, dash board and seat premium leather coated, sun roof, all wheel drive optional. Which SUV give you such facilities at this price? Phillippines govt ordered Mahindra enforcer and public criticized for not buying Toyota as they are unaware of this brand. Govt showed that the vehicle can climb rice terraces and go through muds and forest with low mainteinance and told them that it is worth money and public stopped criticism. They are from Willys, into F1 racing and world no.1 tractor manufacturing. They are manufacturing airplanes. They have presence all over world.
Rebin archeo
In newzland some extra features and body build is good and safe but in india body build is worst becoz of mileage ...check out the production documentary of xuv everyone will come to know ..no safe body at all very thin metal ..like tin box ...
jackson antony
having worked in mahindra... i gotta say ... mahindra vehicles are crap
Rishand Ali
i have xuv 500 2017 it's cool
Shivam Kathuria
meri Xuv me back tho hain par back Cemra direction ni bta ra
Nandhu ps
why Mahindra not giving this features in India...??
with love
Vishal Chauhan
mhindra xuv 500 top and cool car thé Best car
What an excellent car. Is manual and auto both available in New Zealand currently?
Rajashekhar Mothe
how much it is?
Rishabh chandyok
xuv500 wooden interior is top class which is available in old model to be frank I don't like new model because exterior is not bold
Mohit Chauhan Chauhan
Mahindra XUV 5OO is a nice car
anshu cruze
i own a xuv and its awesome and its high speed is 200km/h
Sri Mon
my dream car it so super
Nitesh Mhatre
Man this New Zealand version of XUV5OO don't have Panoramic sunroof but at the same time whole black interior looks awesome than what we have in india.
anibroto dey
is these features are available in indian variant??????????/
Bharath Hs
my dream car for sure
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