iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V KPOP Idols Que Foram Colegas 2 months ago   03:50

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bjvip ICikonic
Otaku Manga
Ruvylyn Cauilan
iKON blessing us again with beautiful music. ❤️ Visual on point. ❤️
random person
Just came here after listening "love scenario" and damn their lyrics are so much telling about my life like bts. But hey don't kill me by saying that I'm comparing. Nope I'm not. They are literally awesome. I wanna listen more of their songs now. Their voice is so sweet and with the sad lyrics it's making me cry and touched my heart.
*Entering the fandom*
Duminic Awie
Im Jisoo,im okay
Soso Halaweh
ikon I Love you songs
Ali Shayan
Thanx for liking it
Ali Shayan
As u can see the ikonic skin in fortnite and dont forget the emote scenario
Ali Shayan
They are better than bts
amanda ferreira
talentosos pena que são homofóbicos
proud iKONIC right here
STREAM Rhythm TA❤🤘🏻
Their songs need to be heard! YG please promote them just as much as how you do it with BP :(
Abi Perying
Go ikon you can do it!!!!!!!!❤❤❤ our blessings and prayers are always with you.
Bts Taehkim
Damnnn i really can’t stop listen this song 🙃💖
OopsIlostMy Jams
Why the hell does this only have 20 million views
iKON Global Productions
iKON's I'm Okay views is getting slower.
This is one of their most inspirational and very unique music.
iKONics let's help the MV achieve it's deserving success.
Don't forget to vote them on Soompi.
Let's create another iKONIK year for iKON 💗💗

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mary army
이노래 스트레스 받을때 이어폰끼고 소리 겁나키고 들으면 스트레스 해소되고 노래 공감됨
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KPOP Idols Que Foram Colegas iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V 2 months ago   10:19

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