Advanced Ski Turns with Olympic bode miller wengen 4 months ago   06:46

Slalom like a pro as Olympic skier Bode Miller shows you to turn on a dime. SportskoolPlus is the number one video channel dedicated to fitness, yoga, exercise, sports instruction and coaching. Whether you are into extreme sports, team sports, endurance sports, weight loss or just getting in shape, SportskoolPlus has video instruction and training featuring Olympic athletes, X-game stars, and world famous coaches and athletic trainers. Whether you are looking for a complete yoga session, workout tips, or cardio workouts - SportskoolPlus is the ultimate personal trainer.

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Khu NoPie
I promise I will commit to the outside ski
If pole planting is “so essential” why doesn’t bode miller do it when racing ? The clips they have of him from races on here don’t have one pole plant. If it improved his performance, wouldn’t he do it when every 100th of a second counts ?
Feickert and Company
Leaning and rotating are simple easy movements that get the job - maybe not as elegant as strict lower/upper separation and skillful leg steering. Maybe the ability to ski both ways would be cool - mix it up a bit ;-)
scottie beast
...Please stop telling kids to Pole's so 1985....the poles are for balance....
Юрий Харченко
Short turns is a very bad... but middle turns is good... During short turns everything is bad: sits in a back rack therefore skis run away forward and become uncontrollable and thereof rows with backs, doesn't cut an arch, and develops skis feet..., internal in general tears off at edge change as in "waited"... And after all he once won in slalom...
Harald Harb
This is a bad example for regular skiers. Leaning, and rotation by Bode, he can get away with it, regular people can not.
Svetozar Angelov
Silence! Genius shows!
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bode miller wengen Advanced Ski Turns with Olympic 4 months ago   02:09