CLIX *EMBARRASES* BROOKE IN 1V1 WAGER Brooke almost 😱LEFT ME😱 2 days ago   10:30

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so today Brooke and Clix 1v1 in creative for 200 dollars, yes you heard that that right they're 1v1 for 200 dollars
and towards the end Symfuhny comes into Clix's stream and confronts him.

If any of the streamers or representatives of them want this video to be taken down kindly message me at and it'll be taken care of.
Thanks in advance!

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Alana clair
Prince Amir Takato
If u comment right now u get 500 wins from clix and also I've never gotten a comment that why I'm begging
He’s sweating just talking to her
Robert Gillespie
Clix might be good at building but he is a fucking dick. Dont enjoy watching him at all
Viper iOS
Clix is a bitch
YWX Shakeype
how funny would it have been if we he played around with her and made it 2-2 she actually clapped him the next time 😂
AndrewFN -
Lmfao slappie fell off
Riley Clark
Clix is such a a douche, like I hate mongraal but this kids annoying as fuck.
wheres me foot?
That thumbnail is big rarted
Clix is earning money for the date :)
Clix -YT
all clix does is break shit down or crank inf 90s
Fuapau Siovaiata
Dude what bothers me is how they're keyboard is so loud
Ferdabois77 Gaming YTB
When the hell did this dumbass become relevant he’s so rude Jesus I can’t listen to him like shut the fuck up kid
Evyien Cordova
Anybody remember ewok
Big Papa
Clix is so toxic not letting the woman win
Yo I don’t like clix he’s fucking toxic and DOg shit
Zane Kilroy
2:44 that voice crack though
Like if clix is to cocky
Honestly sym would beat tf outta click in real life
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Brooke almost 😱LEFT ME😱 CLIX *EMBARRASES* BROOKE IN 1V1 WAGER 2 days ago   10:15

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