NYC Sunrise: TriBeCa. | 4K Queens Rising | Shot In 4K 1 day ago   02:50

Humza Deas
Not everyday can go as planned. Partly cloudy sky's is what was expected, made the most of it.

Song: Goldmund - Finding It There.

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Beautiful video.
Jason Yan
Beautiful video!
Markus Lissner
A work of art - very impressed
White Wolf Media
That foggy shot of 56 Leonard 😵
As usual fantastic! Im surprised you didn't get moisture on the mavic looks like it was a lot of fog? No problems ?
David Lifely
Beautiful stuff man
ممدوح الحربي
Anthony Smith
Amazing video.👍🏽
Далай Лама
I wonder when I'll be able to visit to see it all live. Thank you for these videos, very interesting to watch
Sky Noris
I actually like the way the overcast looks. :-) love the opening scene
Chiara Rebecchi
These videos are lit!
OzNep Shoots
nice one i love all your videos
Austin-C Media
Fantastic work. every video is always on point, and look fantastic. keep it up!
Bailey Fox
jeeeeeeeeez that first shot
The Adventurous Man
These get more spectacular with every video. Loving this series Humza!
Inspiring me to film when I just don't feel like the shot will be nice .. Make do with what you have!
James Larsen
Dang, you make NYC look peaceful! Lol
Too bad it wasn't actually like this...
Divi Trãn Van Phansinh
Love your work Guys !
justin alexander
So inspiring, makes me want to move to New York too see this every morning
Hi ! nice video, what's your camera and drone ??
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Queens Rising | Shot In 4K NYC Sunrise: TriBeCa. | 4K 1 day ago   03:38

This is the start to a series of an aerial perspective of New York City's five boroughs. Showcasing the iconic structures that make Queens one of the most beautiful boroughs that make our city one of the greatest..

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