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Heading to Dubrovnik? Rovinj? Istria? Zagreb? Split? Well you should learn a few words in Croatian before you go. It is an amazing country and is well worth visiting. Here we give you the 10 words that all tourists should know in Croatian so they can have an even better vacation in Croatia.
Filmed in Rovinj, Croatia
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Why don't you show the right letters with the accent marks? Makes it confusing when you don't spell it right.
maddie obrien
hello i’m croatian is bok?
Maja Stojanovic
All the pronouncements are wrong besides kolko kosta (that was said pretty well) I do have to give you A for effort in learning some words because not everyone does.
You can say BOG for hello as well, it means GOD...or Grüss Gott in bavarian. Not bok, bog is the word
Vedran Ruvarac
Mol immm
Hva laaaa
Že limm
Ko liko koš ta
G dje

Peter Bengston
You've got the syllable stress wrong for almost all of these phrases.
sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
Zdravo- Hello

Molim- Please

Hvala- Thank you

Zelim- I want

Koliko Kosta- How much?

Da- Yes

Ne- No

Gdje- Where is...

Toalet- the toilet

Oprostite- Excuse me

Pivo- Beer

Vino- Wine
Elizabeth Curland
Haha I love you guys.
zivous zivviz
you have a little bit.wrong accent, its funny 😂 im from Croatia
Jure Macola
More like top 10 words for traveling in serbia, 0.0 % croats know croatian.
ItzCashHere xD xD
Please - molim te
Domac Kelj
Mali bolji od tebe
Bear Bomber
Old Istrian -a Venetian dialect but not the same as Venetian-sounded much better.
gamer 552233
Im from Croatia Hvala puno(Thank you very much)
ahahaha your son is going to be a geologist :)
so we will become collegue, have a nice day and thanks for this vid
italian greetings
Krisztina Kovacs
Going to Dubrovnik in two weeks! Super excited. Thanks for the video, and you guys are so cute :)
Some words (like vino) remind me of words in Romance languages. Which surprised me since Croatia seems to be Slavic
Muhammed Jimale
“No, not me!” 😂❤️
Алфа Максус
Please, learn about one croatian word JASENOVAC
and read about it
Wide Officer
pronouncing it wrong...like these are latin words . try to imitate it in a russian accent
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Croatia - The Most Beautiful Country Learn Croatian: Top 10 Words in Croatian 1 year ago   10:19

Croatia is famous for it's coastline, beautiful islands, beaches, sunny weather and crystal clear sea but it's a lot more than just that. Discover Croatia, from the coastal regions of Istra, Kvarner and Dalmatia to the countryside regions of Lika, Gorski Kotar, Central and Northern Croatia, Slavonia and Baranja. Croatia has it all, from snow cap mountains, primeval forests, picturesque lakes, rivers and stunning waterfalls to unique beaches and over a thousand islands perfect for a relaxing getaway. Croatia has very rich history and cultural heritage. Medieval coastal towns, castles, forts and palaces just waiting to be explored. It is the ideal choice for your holiday vacation. Welcome to Croatia, the mediterranean as it once was! =)