Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! Google Pixel 4 (2019) - Leaks 2 weeks ago   12:23

My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review & Why I'm Switching Back To iPhone After 9 Days of Use.. The best & worst of the Galaxy S10+!

S10 Speed Test.

S10 Durability Test.

S10 Camera Test.

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Akhilesh choolun
hy pln bouce to liki do pln
Kirill Komarov
As someone who’s been with Apple for the last decade, I totally get it. Yes, S10 has better hardware as does pretty much any Android flagship (except for CPU), but if the software doesn’t feel right, your experience is ruined. I’ve tried to jump on Android repeatedly over the years, and every time it just wasn’t quite there.
Grumpy Mi
It's really personal preferences it's just a phone he can choose whatever he wants
Daman Walia
You are crazy man....s10 is much better than ur fucking iphone....what a asshole
Shakeeme Graham
Stop compare it with ios because it's not..... it's like u a want it to be ios by getting the ios the gesture and stuff...just accept it as it is...and c the difference that it makes
Wayne Norman
Sounds like he actually prefers the s10 overall but it has a learning curve for him because he is so used to an iphone. AlsoI I understand the fact that he has invested to much in the appleverse to make switchingto android plausible. The one advantage over Samsung he made stand out most was the Iphones fluidity although I can see what hes saying about picture quality.
Kevin Posada
It's because you've been on the Iphone more then the Samsung, you miss the things the Iphone does better then the Samsung
Id say the complaints are just being knit picky the real and only reason you're switching back is because all your technology is apple therefore you are just making a decision to switch because its more convenient thats it.
gmurilloj •
Of course he will be go back to iPhone he has an apple as his profile picture
mikes gt
Only an apple isheep would make a video with reasoning like this
Jon's Live Streams
Dont lie you're leaving becuase your a Isheep
Jon's Live Streams
The s10 has stero speakers. Swipe down from top find the Dolby icon turn it on your welcome
Jon's Live Streams
Just petty reasons to go back. The positives far outweigh the negatives
I unsubbed from this channel years back because I thought for a “tech channel” it was not only biased but extremely poor in technical detail. I came across this video looking for S10 reviews and I see that it improved for 1080p trash to 4k trash. You can polish a turd but it will always be a turd
Dodi Reyna
Apple fanboy lmao everything about the s10 is better
Why the hell does Instagram uploads look awful from android?? It makes no sense
kaleem Safran
In the developer option you can change animation bro
Tom Miller
Wow dude coming from a new iPhone the s10+ kills the iPhone in every way. But end day it's what makes u happy. Great review bro
Aaron Gordon
seriously this is what annoys me about apple users
Tom D.
for a second I thought that you finally opend your eyes but apple must have got you under complete control
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Google Pixel 4 (2019) - Leaks Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review! 2 weeks ago   10:11

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