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Bill Burr Roasting People | Bill Burr Is Lethal - At Up-Tube.com

Bill Burr ROASTING People Bill Burr is LETHAL 5 months ago   15:06

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Bill burr roasting Hosts, Guests, Celebrity's & People

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Nathan Tagg
I've never seen anybody make Conan laugh that hard
sometimes the truth is so horrible you just have to laugh. Ty Bill for pointing this out to us again and again.
13:10 hands down the funniest part.
Joel Salazar
any clip with Jimmy Fallon needs to be taken out. Over dramatic laughing ass clown
2:35 - 3:18 see her face expression turn from that defying smirk to the serious "wtf do I say now?!?"
Fkg love it.
Mc Hockney
Fallon basically seems to have one single talent: Laughing like a 8 year old about someone reading the insert of Aspirin.
Liberation pocket
"We're all eating a giant shit sandwich"😂
Kevin Hinds
You know, I basically hate most humans too but for someone who is basically a self-admitted misanthrope he sure does make a lot of money off of people and their foibles
"There is an epidemic of gold digging whores" No lies
K Dworak
7:32 what a fucking psycho... 😶
Zipperhead gets owned at 7:36.
ok he has some funny lines, but certainly not enough to make me laugh...
Danny 03
Cyclops 3000
Lol he's amazing
Billy Wallace PhD
I'm not American, so my opinion means sweet f.a.. But I think Bill is one of your finest. Not just comedy, he's as real as they come and totally relatable.
Ben G
Who's the fat leprechaun with a mohawk???
L Dog
10:21 well he has a point there guys
L Dog
1:26 My hero.
Mitch Evans
The bit without sound is particularly funny.
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Bill Burr is LETHAL Bill Burr ROASTING People 5 months ago   10:43

A short compilation of Bill Burr clips pulled from my Instagram. Since the time limit for a video on Instagram is one minute most of these clips are a minute long otherwise I would have provided more context to what is being said. I hope you can still find value in this.

Here is a link to my Instagram, check it out if you want to see more clips on a variety of topics https://www.instagram.com/a_reluctant_hero1/

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