STUDIO APARTMENT TOUR | Downtown NYC Apartment Tour!! 300 sq. foot Minimalist 1 day ago   21:58

Welcome to my crib! In this video I'm showing you guys my studio in downtown Portland, Oregon. It's by no means done, and I am by no means an interior designer (I tried, but hardly anything matches lol), but it's been fun creating my own live/work space and I wanted to share that with you guys ♡ If you have any questions regarding my decor or generally living in Portland, leave them in the comments!

take a shot every time i say something is my "favorite" like ok we get it i like everything i own shut up

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Brenda Kirkland
You could put a frame around those photos by the door
Brenda Kirkland
Please Please Please put a tapestry or photo over that damm ugly Fuse box 📦 👍🏼
Debra Johnson
The 3 mirrors are useless. I would remove them and hang a lightweight long black framed mirror to cover ugly circuit breaker box. Poloroids seem too high also and would be nicer pinned to a cloth covered bulletin board. Cheap and BIG improvements imo.
I live in Portland!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chuna G
Girl lol studios can be expensive
pillows are nice but clash with wall art but i have ocd about all of this mismatch stuff
messy wall card area looks clutter
Chic Noir29
You remind me of Downtown Julie Brown. She was a DJ at MTV in the early 90’s.
Michelle Brooks
Hi, can you do vlogs of things to do in Portland
Latia Booth
Get another long mirror to cover thw fuse box. I had a fuse box in my old apartment but it was behind my front door. I put a big square mirror to hide it from Ross.
Robley Eagleton
Those pink and blue posters stuck to the doors , really need to go. There’s no rhyme nor rhythm to that room ?
I'm from Bosnia moving to Portland so I'm just watching Portland videos and then you mention Bosnia... SignS
Jabou baa
You’re so pretty.
Lindy Davis
To cover your fuse box you could get a painting to put over it.i live in oregon as well and go to Saturday market all the time.i always find something new,unique,and handmade that isn’t expensive.put a painting of something up on hinges so you can open the art to get to the fuse box when you need to,almost like a safe hidden behind a painting.
Shah Awan
Can I be yur roommate?
Kaylas Kooking
Your freaking beautiful so glad I found your channel 🥰🥰💎
I know the building you’re in (don’t feel creeped out, i know because of the kitchen, I won’t stalk you lol) because I’ve been trying to get a studio apartment there. I love it!
jennifer jackson
22 minutes to view a studio apartment is long. That being said, you are a beautiful girl and I wish you the best in your new digs.
What a cute apartment! Cozy and yet practical. Great job will be watching more. 😀 👍
I have those same 3 mirrors in my LR 😊
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NYC Apartment Tour!! 300 sq. foot Minimalist STUDIO APARTMENT TOUR | Downtown 1 day ago   07:08

New York Apartment Tour! 300 sq foot minimalist studio apartment in Chelsea Manhattan! My brand new apartment tour in New York with tips on tiny apartment living.

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