Dance Moms: Maddie Is Sick Kira Goes CRAZY and Makes 5 months ago   02:23

The typically resilient Maddie cries and asks to leave rehearsal early in this clip from Season 1, Episode 1, "The Competition Begins". #DanceMoms

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Dance Moms
Season 1
Episode 1
The Competition Begins

"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.

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MW & cats
You don’t have fever when you have vomiting sickness!? 🙄
Londyn Price
Hey then take her to the hospital
Siiri Suominen
She's sick, and want to go home, and what her mom said: "you never live dance" and blaa blaa, that is so mean, she's like putting more pressurs on maddie!
Llama Power!
Like it’s better her missing that competition than not feeling well at it and getting worse for next competition.
Llama Power!
Can I just add tha5 no parent should tell their child to stop crying, children cry for reasons and if you tell them to stop it stresses them even more.
Loji Hafez2008
Mellisa is the worst dance I’ve ever seen
_ blunetka _
1:54 😂 Hi cameraguy
Avery Scott
I know that I am only a kid, but if I was a mom and my kid was sick and about to throw up. I wouldn’t make her keep dancing, I would take her home so she wouldn’t get anyone else sick or even more sick then she already is. I know I wouldn’t want to keep dancing if I felt bad so I wouldn’t make my child do the same.
Patrick Star
wtf she looks so pale poor thing she sick let her go home
Alan Lopez unboxings
This happend to me today my head hurted my tummy and i could not do the bathroom or throw up :c
BallerinaCalley 2822
Annie Tsiros
omg she got her period for the first timeeeeee
Varee Rakvanich
God bless me​ let her​ go Home!!!!!
mpassion009 S
Abby- sweetie why why the tears? I HAVE NEVER HEARD ABBY BE THAT NICE BEFORE
this show is insane
PorgansProductions X
Maddie : my stomach hurts

Abby:as cool as a cucumber

A couple of seasons later...

Kendall:my stomach hurts

Abby :DO U EVER STOP CRYING!!!!!!?!????!
Araceli Parra martinez
This is electricity not that song that was playing
Heather Grant
Is Maddie sick in rehearsal or is she sick OF rehearsal
ally bouff
yes we’re all focusing on melissa being a bad mom but did you guys see how fluently maddie went back with the rest of her team?!?!
Teneal Els
Abby is putting to much pressure on poor Maddie😧
I think she had a panic attack
(like if you agree)
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Kira Goes CRAZY and Makes Dance Moms: Maddie Is Sick 5 months ago   03:22

Kalani cries after her mom goes crazy and almost gets her pulled from the group dance.

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