Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling All Of Me - John Legend & Lindsey Stirling 3 months ago   03:35

Lindsey Stirling
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Director: Joshua Shultz & Lindsey Stirling
Producer: Krizia Vega
Editor: Lindsey Stirling

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Kia Peterson
Well done, true to you and faithful in your callings. We love you sweetie...
Hunter Michaelis
I bumped into Lindsey’s page during a low point in college a few years back. “Roundtable” and “Tides” were just fun to watch and brightened up the day. Her vids still make me smile.
She can sing too?
beside singins which is amazing. show more your sexi body. i almost exploded with that video.
Paul Wesselkamper
Lindsey, don't pay any mind to anyone saying anything negative about your artistic abilities or beauty - I would venture to say they are jealous. You are an all around amazing performance artist! You have SKILL!
i prefer as you singin right now more than violing things. sing and play some violin as some ingredient ! yo
i love their music and yours !
sing more sing sing. this is amazing. so relaxing and soulfull. i want more songs. listen bird and the bee hits for inspiration. their music is amazing.
overall sing more. i am amazed.
YOU HAVE VOICE LIKE SINGERIN FROM THE BIRD AND THE BEE band. try to cover some their maybe you two should sing together!!!!
Persis Persis
Y el Violin?
kaitlyn stevens
Betty Smith
yep.. Feb and still in love with this.
Mr Byson
No Ring but a really good Footmassage and a Human that dont wanna hurt you !!!
Shadow Less
Lindsey, you are a true genius, really I mean it. Everything you do is just brilliant. Please do the William Tell overture on your violin. With your talent, skills and experience, set in the historic setting of the story, with an outfit of the time, I think it will be breathtaking :) Have loads more ideas for you if you want ;)
Mr Byson
Aaach kokaja Konfetka !!
You're incredible💖💖💖
Love from Chile💕
Pay no heed to naysayers Ms. Lindsey, your own heart is all the guidance you need. God gave you this life to make your own decisions, and choices, and take your life just where you want it to go. Free will, just like Life itself, is a gift of God.
this is not music
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All Of Me - John Legend & Lindsey Stirling Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling 3 months ago   05:13

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