Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling All Of Me - John Legend & Lindsey Stirling 6 months ago   03:35

Lindsey Stirling
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Director: Joshua Shultz & Lindsey Stirling
Producer: Krizia Vega
Editor: Lindsey Stirling

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Matthew Johnson
HAHAH The Lill dog` :D
Munir Sella Bakkar
Lost as an artist? Man, from the 38 songs I've heard from Lindsey, this is the best!
I have to say I've never liked the song Santa Baby because of how annoying they are. But I love everything about your video! Your voice is pure and has a certain softness to it. I love the theme as well, who doesn't love a bubble bath.
Annabeth Jean Sofie Everdeen Herondale Finch
THAT POINTE THOUGH! Also I love your dog its adorable :D
Santa Baby
Beautiful as always ❤
Richard Chavarria
Really did they say that???... Your Amazing and spontaneous...this mean youre impredesible and thats because youre great... but you always will be good because this doesnt change in a suol like yours...
Heroic Xiong
Blue Christmas trees, I like it.
This is just my thought process about your change in look and art. Telling someone they have lost who they are as an artist is very subjective and it's not where I would go with this at all. Artists stretch themselves all the time and should, and that's obviously what you are trying to do. On the other hand, as someone who is a fan, there are particular reasons I watch you which your new direction in your album don't align with. One is that I watch you to feel something that is inspiring to me, that makes me feel at peace, and that brings me back to the center of who I am. This current album didn't really do that for me. The other reason I've sought out your particular art is because I feel it is something i can share with my kids and family of all ages and still find it entertaining (really hard to do). Again, for me, this is not something I have felt comfortable doing with this particular album. I think it's all fine that you want to explore other ways of doing you, but I am curious to see if your art is going to continue to fulfill the reason I chose to watch you. In the long run, where you choose to go with your art has no bearing on me so'll just attract new people who enjoy what you are doing, or keep others who liked you for other reasons. For me, I'll enjoy your older stuff. No biggie.
Dray James
This is beautiful...if it’s you it’s better.. let them play you something
Nathan Davison
Don’t listen to the haters, you music is fantastic and you singing is gorgeous keep doing what your doing and listen to your fans, we are all behind you all the way.
Appl3ee okayly
the start of this song is mesmerizing o.o
Appl3ee okayly
beyond the inspiration for me too keep up with the violin ( you gotta a great voice ) :D
pkgkrb power
Your performance is really Cool .Hip and you are just being you..Goodluck with everything you do.!!
posma samantha
luisa buitrago
I always wanted to do ballet and i am doing it
Brizz Romero
Por que aún está viva está tipa murió hace años un fan la asesinó en una firma
Stephanie Ber
You go girl! I remember I watched your only first music video Crystallize and you were and still are my role model and such a big inspiration to my sisters and I. I love you soooo much and May Jesus continue to Bless you! Keep on going and do not pay attention to any negativity, you’re too good for crappy negativity girl. I love you!😘♥️🙏🏼💋🥰
Emily Snyder
Hey Lindsey Stirling!!! I have been a huge fan of you and tried practicing a couple of your songs, of course they're played like a baby compared to YOU!! I love you soooo much!!! Your voice is so pretty! You should start singing a little more in your songs maybe a duet with someone with your violin in the background but still camera on that too! I don't know why people are saying such mean stuff honestly that's just immature. They're just jealous of you and all of your talents. Violin, dancing, singing, being awesome, being able to learn ballet in a certain timeframe...the list can go forever. I love you Lindsey and I hope you never stop playing.
Juana Chavez
Butiful work its perfectly done
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All Of Me - John Legend & Lindsey Stirling Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling 6 months ago   05:13

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