How to wire up and use a treadmill motor quick Treadmill Motor Brushes Inspection 2 days ago   07:56

Bart Koscow
direct responce to mrpete222, here is a Really quick video of how to use a treadmill motor, and the basic functions of the control board. what to cut what to plug what to wire.

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owen prince
You called the transistor a diode and a the black cylinder you called a diode is NOT a diode so you don't really know what you are talking about. A diode has a strip on one end to tell bias of the diode. You don't need to disconnect all the things you said because you can just ignore them.
bob jefferson
Hay there is info on speed control after u cut the leg off the thing Amy jig for 5volts. Which would be handy like a ver pot resistors an installed my be one to many?
Youtube- please do not recommend videos with this kind of like/dislike ratio.
abhishek dutt
Can i change my trademill motor 1hp to 2.5hp motor do i need to change circuit board as well with that plz reply
Walter Hynson
please go to tech school before you give anymore talks because everything you said is WRONG.
reddog69 c
Holy fuck that sucked
Jesse baldwin
how to be removed from the d or b MV donors list cause I'm hart broke
Sumer Sharma
Drive repair video palese
Tony Ganner
So where's the bit where you wire up and use a treadmill motor?
This was anything but a "How to wire up and use a treadmill motor" but I guess it was some sort of a "quick run down".
Not very helpful so I'm going to find a delete this one off my computer!
G Gordon
Warning watching this causes motion sickness.
ناصر السلمي
23 $ ONLY !!!!
Can you use the larger motor with the controller from the smaller motor?
greg fisk
Did you figure out how to connect a pot to this without using a PWM? I have a MC2100 board and don't want to have to build a pulse width modulator in order to control the speed. The mc60 boards are much easier to use since they can be used with a pot connected directly since they don't use a pulse for control speed.
Samuel James
Quit calling that resistor a diode, just read what it says.
Mike Graves
Your video wouldn't help an electronics engineer. You should have plugged it in licked your finger and tested your theory on the power path for all of us to watch. Poorly thought out video. You never even connected a wire so where is your proof of concept.
Larry O'Hanlon
I hear ya talking, but I didn't catch anything that would help me DIY one of these on a drill press. Video is mislabeled and drill press is two words.
less time
hummmmmmmmmm hummmmmmmmm hummmmmmmmm wa hummmmmm wa hummmmmmm a hummmmmmmm
Ted Byus
Totally worthless mumbo-jumbo jabber! Didn't tell me a thing.
Jason Michael Kotarski
Thanks! Parting out a treadmill now for a conveyor belt build and should end up having this motor for something, I love the lathe idea........gears turning......

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Treadmill Motor Brushes Inspection How to wire up and use a treadmill motor quick 2 days ago   05:16

Treadmill motor brush repair. How to remove the motor brush from the drive motor and inspect wear based on the recommendations of Landice Treadmill.