The Try Guys Try Naughty Christmas Costumes We Dressed According To Texas High 2 months ago   10:38

The Try Guys
The Try Guys ho ho ho it up for the holidays and try on Christmas costumes, including Santa, Mrs. Claus, a elf and much more.

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Derp LeDerp
Eugene’s analysis of the elves is perfect
Audrey Segedin
Eugene:I’m going to look half way decent, Ned is going to talk about butt and his wife, Keith is going to make a lot of good puns and jokes, and Zach is going to complain the whole time.
Me:Eugene! Ugh. Eugene why did you, ugh-I-ugh. Okay everyone you can all leave. Eugene told you what happens in this video, every try guys video there is, and all the ones in the the future. You can leave. Okay bye!

😂🤣 I’m kidding, and that isn’t all true, because Zach doesn’t always complain and Eugene looks and does better then half way decent. Plus I love watching The Try Guys!💙💗💚💜
Cynthia K.
Lol how they blurred out Zach
Eugene just calls everything that’s going to happen
xo Isa
You can’t tell me that Eugene isn’t a spirit animal. He is, in fact, a spirit animal, a way to live life and a fucking god.
Danesha Harney
The candy cane one is both hysterical & stupid 😂😂
1:29 same 🙃
Trinni Im
Eugene has a ferkin beautiful body with an amazing personality

Keith is a confident hilarious nerd who i wishi could be as funny as

Ned is a wife loving low key genius self ass obsessed lumberack

And Zach is a smol bean that needs protection and love and all the care in the world!

I freakin love these hoe hoe hoes
maddie craftys Channel
Why does Eugene not like Christmas
Patricia Orellana
Blake and Luke chingconging me in the hallways
😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor Eugene
Dog Lover
I think Santa’s last name is Kringle but that sounds worse so imma shut up 😂
Rosie Owen
3:14 tho
Kaleigh Clark
Can you not
Jesus has left the chat
Alexandria Durham
I was also bullied my hole life and I still am
Not my proudest fap
Michaela Langer
"I would fuck anyone in this"
*Where do I buy it*
Chickey Wangs
"Ya'll cant f*ck hanukah?"
Just A Tree
I feel bad for laughing at the part when Eugene said Blake and Luke ching-chonging me in the hallway
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We Dressed According To Texas High The Try Guys Try Naughty Christmas Costumes 2 months ago   19:35

"No one is allowed to be horny in this school!"

•Research Notes:

• Duncanville High School

• Hereford High School

• Monahans High School

•Orangefield High School

• Northside ISD

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