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Legend Of The Flatlands: The Coaching Legacy | How To Jump On Skis | A Beginner Skiers - At Up-Tube.com

Legend of the Flatlands: The Coaching Legacy HOW TO JUMP ON SKIS | A BEGINNER SKIERS 1 day ago   38:26

Ski Racing Media
A video documenting the career and life of a coaching pioneer.

Filmed and edited by Claire Abbe Brown.

Special thanks to Buck Hill Ski Area, Timberline Lodge & Ski Area, Erich Sailer, Ursula Sailer, Martina Sailer, Tony Olin, Cory Carlson, Kristina Koznick, Tasha Nelson, Lindsey Vonn, Alan Kildow, Mike Larkin, Sarah Schleper de Gaxiola and Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer.

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HOW TO JUMP ON SKIS | A BEGINNER SKIERS Legend of the Flatlands: The Coaching Legacy 1 day ago   11:17

In this beginner how to ski tutorial, we are going to show you how to jump on skis. Specifically, I teach a beginner skier in front of the camera so you can see some common mistakes and the entire journey Roger went through to learn how to jump on skis. We start the video by having a look at the beginners jumping technique then we go practising popping and timing. Once the technique is improved we start to first jump small park jumps in the beginner park then we move onto the intermediate park where we increase the size of the jumps. The last thing we learn is how to mute grab on skis. If you want to learn more check out our best tutorials and camp over at https://stompittutorials.com/camps

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What you will learn in this video:
01:09 Step 1: Skiers warm up
01:17 Step 2: Let's see if Roger can jump on skis
02:35 Step 3: Position & popping 100%
03:40 Step 4: Timing the pop
06:19 Step 5: Beginner park jumps
07:07 Step 6: Gradually jump bigger
08:34 Step 7: Hit pretty big jumps
10:04 Step 8: How to mute grab on skis