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I Went To Hawai’I With No Clothes | Can Your Relationship Survive This - At Up-Tube.com

I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes Can Your Relationship Survive This 1 day ago   24:18

Kristin goes to Honolulu with an empty suitcase (and Jen!) and has to find two complete outfits for a day look and a night look.


‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

Manaola Hawaii


MW Restaurant

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Comments 4265 Comments

Why’d they cut out jens performance? I would love to see the PeRfOrMaNcE!
I love jens hair but I don’t wanna cut my hair bc it only looks good on her it won’t look good on me
lindsey Haralson
Good job mentioning pulling over for residents to pass!
Vex_Editz .-.
Im 5'3 ( almost) too :P but one thing- I'm 12 🤣😂
Samantha Caamano
No one:

Literally nobody:

Jen: yOu wANt mY kNiFE?
Olivia Kratz
the way jen says ponyo😂😭🥺
Noah Ampe
The guy at manaola was my fav
Emma Moriarty
When Jen said "That's Homophobic" it made me think of when i was holding my girlfriends hand and a boys face was looked so disgusted also love that sand message
Gracie Miller
Would love to have kristens confidences shes gorgeous
Peaches Thesordid
Come to Colorado next during ski season
Peaches Thesordid
I want that 100 ways dress but in black
Coffe Cat
I was watching the few seconds from 12:11 about ten times till I couldn‘t breathe, because I was laughing so hard😂

Jen is the best
Miss Juggalette
Can I order these clothes online
Pandasloth 38
Come to Sydney!!!!!!🥰
Haley Marie
high-key crushing on Jen😍
Gamer TT
I hope Kristen goes to Florida
Alexia Cyr
i thought she was gonna wear no clothes to hawaii
Jaydee Nguyennn
Kris: let’s go
Jen in the background: let’s go I’m not gay
Taylor Stanford
Emmerson Barton
Jen using her lap napkin to sheild Kristen is the sweetest thing. You two lassies should come see Scotland!
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Can Your Relationship Survive This I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes 1 day ago   04:25

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