Rami Malek was a bad, bad boy | The Graham Mark Ruffalo Insults Josh 1 year ago   04:55

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Having a twin can be fun. Devious. But fun.

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Sylvain Rosec
Plot Twist Sami went to the BBC explaining the story of Rami taking the Greek exam
Harry The Dracowolf
isnt he the one that plays in Twilight if he is AWSOME
Rick Lee
The WORST Freddie Mercury impersonator in the history of time. Take a moment to listen to the real guy and compare.
Charmagne Timog
Oh Chris Pine😍
Toni Kostadinov
Until Dawn
Lisa L
Sally is annoying
Bush Man
He just committee of the crime on live show!!!
vin kat
if the teacher is here please comment AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHH
vin kat
Can she please STOP cutting Rami off?
Cliff Lister
"bad boys" Not buying that bullshit.
Zain Tariq
So Sami degree is revoked
MaryJo DeBlasis
lovely housewives
the twins have a little difference in the jawline
Andrea Roll
is he actually confessing a crime? :D
Fortnite Slayer
Imagine the teachers watching this
Hailee Nunez
Rami AND Chris? What a lucky lady that woman is
I'm Exo-l & lovatic girl
I really wanna know the reaction of the teacher when she sees that interview 😂🤣🤯😮
He's trying to tell a story and she can't keep quiet
U need to be good listener plse
Sydney Hensley
At 4:40, you can see can tell he's exchanging glances with his mom in the audience. I love it.
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Mark Ruffalo Insults Josh Rami Malek was a bad, bad boy | The Graham 1 year ago   05:02

Mark Ruffalo gets unexpectedly harsh when talking about Josh’s fears.

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