Orange order parades in Northern Twelfth in Northern Ireland 2013 2 months ago   12:02

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Twenty years after the Good Friday Agreement peace in Northern Ireland remains tenuous, and violent clashes between Protestants and Catholics continue to occur. Mairéad O’Donnell wants to secure peace for the people of Belfast.

The Orange Order is a fraternal organization of conservative Protestants. Once a year, its members commemorate the victory of Protestant William of Orange over Catholic King James II in 1690, which the Orangemen see as the most important triumph over Catholics to this day. They organize processions in Northern Ireland during the summer to which they wear orange sashes and black bowler hats. The Catholic community sees the marching as provocation ¬– and there are often clashes. Mairéad O’Donnell belongs to the Sinn Féin party and is a Catholic Irish nationalist, but she is determined to bring peace to Belfast.

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Eazy E
We are the people. Haha Irish jealous of our tradition, move down south where you belong. Northern Ireland is British
Barry Barry
omg ! i thought the ira is the problem with Ireland ! iv done some researcher on the war in Ireland, and now i no that it was and probable still is the bad behavior of the British. its an abomination ! i thought the English government were more than terrorists 1
Boltonian Nationalist
Catholics in Northern Ireland like to play the victim card.
Colin Martin
A bit one sided this is it not? Those poor nationalists in the short strand, those law abiding citizens who never throw anything over the fence...aye right....
Chango Chilemba
British empire began the enslavement of African people...
The First Ginger Kitten

this extract harks back to the Soviet era propandaganist days of an absolute one-sidedness argument !

how many minutes ( should we say seconds ) did you focus on the unionist side of the argument ????????

you spend the whole alotted time in the nationalist camp !!

it's no wonder most people are turning away from mainstream media such as DW BBC and CNN etc ..

it's completely obvious don't you see even to imbeciles ...
Jesse Power
I cannot understand how a German channel can upload such a biased video, at least try give an opinion from both sides
b b
The green and the Orange have more in common than they do with the black and brown immigrants with Muslim beliefs.
Both Churches should leave !
peter evans
Amira Fan Club Worldwide
may the love of jesus heal your country
mahesh yogi
Whst a rediculous piece of pro Nationalist/Anti-Unionist propaganda.
John Smith
From Canada, getting rid of British control is not that bad ask Australia, and India also.
David Strothers
William Wallace for president!
David Strothers
Suppression,Oppression. Life's to short get on with your lives!!
Wild Brumby
Lovely lady, respect.
m Lindsey
Ulster Is Irish 🇮🇪
lewis bell
If your Irish living in Northern Ireland and dont like it fuck off
Very skewed video looking from one side. The walls are there to prevent missiles being thrown into Cluan Place all year round and where were your cameras when a hail of bottles came on top of the parade thrown from the chapel grounds where the police stood facing the marchers
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Twelfth in Northern Ireland 2013 Orange order parades in Northern 2 months ago   57:21

Documentary about Loyalists celebrating their culture on their yearly Orange festival. Contains violence and riotous behavior.