Orange order parades in Northern Twelfth in Northern Ireland 2013 2 days ago   12:02

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Twenty years after the Good Friday Agreement peace in Northern Ireland remains tenuous, and violent clashes between Protestants and Catholics continue to occur. Mairéad O’Donnell wants to secure peace for the people of Belfast.

The Orange Order is a fraternal organization of conservative Protestants. Once a year, its members commemorate the victory of Protestant William of Orange over Catholic King James II in 1690, which the Orangemen see as the most important triumph over Catholics to this day. They organize processions in Northern Ireland during the summer to which they wear orange sashes and black bowler hats. The Catholic community sees the marching as provocation ¬– and there are often clashes. Mairéad O’Donnell belongs to the Sinn Féin party and is a Catholic Irish nationalist, but she is determined to bring peace to Belfast.

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lewis bell
If your Irish living in Northern Ireland and dont like it fuck off
Very skewed video looking from one side. The walls are there to prevent missiles being thrown into Cluan Place all year round and where were your cameras when a hail of bottles came on top of the parade thrown from the chapel grounds where the police stood facing the marchers
Funny last year when I past short strand on the other side, there were 100s of nationalists hurling abuse at the passing motorists, myself included, funny how no attacks came when cameras are around and how a pipe bomb randomly came over the wall as the cameras were there...... Republican nonsense!
Makaveli Saoirse
Embarrassing. Should be put on the back boiler on both sides
EngSci Defender
Any group of people that engage in obnoxious antisocial behavior in front of their neighbors will eventually face natural consequences. In NI the obnoxious assholes were part of groups like the Orange Order and the Apprentice Boys, and the consequences were called The Troubles.
Straight White British Protestant
Ulster is British.

If you don’t like it, fuck off down south. Where you Mexicans belong.
Paul Dunne
Thankfully those English football hooligans went to the match with Northern Ireland (occupied stolen six counties of Ulster) and it all passed off peacefully.
Catherine Kennedy
No class or home so the try and keep a old plantation going that even the English don't want. So behind the tines
uppy oldskool
What they dont tell you in this vid is the woman is a sf member a party that is very good at deflecting the truth away from the nationalist trouble. There is trouble on both side not just the one.
Forty Two
this is not a documentary, it is propaganda. I now know why the usual barrage of missiles including and glass bottles and paint did not get thrown at the parade from Short Strand, there was obviously orders toot attack the parade because of the "documentary"
"Republicans"....using bombs,not ballots!
big rubber gloves
The Irish Internet Defence Force is arriving to this one video to express their deep hatred for all things British and would like to see the Houses of Parliament burn down, beware this menace.
DannyH 2232
very one sided
Jesus is God MAGA
Protestans in Northern Irealand are just desecents of Scottish pillagers
What we call Scotch-Irish in America
Lorraine Shaw
Hardly biased that’s always what is said when the truth about the Catholic community is reported on!
Drunk leprechauns.....
Henrietta M Riley
of course only one side ever throws missiles.
propaganda at its best.
when is this lady ever going to learn that its a DUAL problem!
And here is where one of the problems lie...

"a random and indiscrimanant attack"
Learn to educate yourself first before trying to educate others.
Nick Jupp
how many republican songs are out there ?
Craig Wilson
It seems she is the only one looking for trouble 🤔
Garrett Rodgers
Trying to claim giant fires on the doorsteps of homes and businesses (usually of the opposing side) are of cultural and historical significance is such utter shite. Let them have their stupid parades, but the shit that goes on with it is ridiculous.
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Twelfth in Northern Ireland 2013 Orange order parades in Northern 2 days ago   57:21

Documentary about Loyalists celebrating their culture on their yearly Orange festival. Contains violence and riotous behavior.