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Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet received undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of South Florida. His residency training was at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, with training at Brooks School of Aerospace Medicine and Randolph AFB. He served as an adjunct professor and faculty for Autism Collaboration & Education at Western University in CA and a visiting professor at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He worked collaboratively with numerous universities, including Washington University, Arizona State University, and the Universities of Florence and Second University of Naples in Italy. Dr. Bradstreet is extensively published in the peer-reviewed literature, is extensively published on biomedical issues of autism, and was PI of two landmark studies: 1) involving a new methodology to view the brain with ultrasound, and 2) a double-blind study of the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation using a method known as MRT for the treatment of autism -- both registered with Phase one of the ultrasound study was published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, and the MRT study completed in June of 2014. He was director of the Brain Treatment Center of Atlanta. Dr. Bradstreet was involved in autism-related treatment and clinical research for approximately 2 decades.
But more than all this, Dr. Bradstreet was and remains the Renaissance Man of Autism Medicine. He delved into an impressive diversity of physiological aspects relating to autism, with the goal of, in turn, relating those aspect into healing measures. He was and is well loved and missed by patients and families whom he served.

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Spencer Smith
Go Ashley!
Spencer Smith
I also am a man of science and prayer : ). I don't have any degrees, but I love science. (ha, real science).
a few words:

1. a nice tribute to a great man

2. his death seems very suspicious to me

ur friend, abracadabra
Carol McCash
What a beautiful family Dr. Bradstreet has. R.I.P DR. B you are an amazing man and the world will someday get justice for you.
M.L. S
A beautiful and very deserving tribute to Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. A great man who will be sorely missed by many many people, but especially his extended family of people affected by this thing we call 'autism.' His spirit lives on...Love NEVER dies.❤️
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Mom Sees Great Results Using Tribute to Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet 2 days ago   06:49

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