Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye? 2 months ago   10:14

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Comments 1082 Comments

Big Potato
I’m a teenager and I can confirm that me and my parents do not see eye to eye because I am taller than my parents
Linus Bondo Jensen
Hi I’m Mateo I’m 16 and I build roblox
rubysara ruby
Isabella is an actress I used to go to school with her I’m not sure if she flys planes, she might but primarily she’s an actress
Brian Hartman
Elizabeth and Isabella kinda suck...
510 Tutto
Mom: “ I trust her”
Daughter: evil smirk
Just An Insomniac
I love middle grounds but this was kind of my least favorite because I didn't feel like there was enough to make it accurate most of the convos here were mainly towards their family instead of it being generalized
They should do Orcs and Hobbits
Super 1
Can you make a middle ground video between, People who want KIDS vs those who don't want KIDS?
Ellie Bowman
shout out to anyone that knows isabella from her acting job on once upon a time lol
Jeff Banks
“Wait, you have 2 instagrams and 2 Snapchats”💀😂😂
Julian Hoak
Idk why but 5:24 got me tearing up
Fanny looks so youthful and is literally glowing with that beautiful smile that I thought she was one of the teens at first glance.
justin orkin
Retail workers and Customers
Zachary Alexander
That dad is one of the biggest problems with parenting in our generation.
Riya D
where are these teens from? they seem so happy and just different from the majority of us. and their relationships with their parents are so good, i wanted to see one where it wasn't as good. also FANNY IS SO BEAUTIFUL OML SHE IS NOT 40
Kaylee S.
Everyone else: Hi my name is ————— I’m 18 but I’ve already graduated from Harvard, as a neurologist
Me: Hi I’m Kaylee, 13, and I watch PewDiePie.
Charlie G
Do it with normal teens and non-related parents and teens
Charlie G
U should have teens with other parents not their own!!!!
Jay Brooks
These teens are not like the majority of teens at all, not even like 10% of teens these days. They're all outside Walmart acting like morons.
Bikaca Art Productions
I’d love to see traditional artists and digital artists have a debate
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Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye? 2 months ago   08:22