Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye? 6 months ago   10:14

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Comments 1082 Comments

Lol no one laughed at her age joke in the beginning
Kelly Surlis
This just about made me cry... the last bit with isabella and her mom was really sweet and i wish i had the right words to use to get that with my mom.
Haneen Ghabbish
FANNY IS 40?? ok I’m shook but I think I’m 40 sis
:3 :3
Taylor got that e girl look. She definitely got a TikTok.
Maycie Smith
I came into this vid ready to get annoyed
Delaney Loving
taylor is giving me billie eilish vibes
kikirola hrm
Depression and social anxiety come from a lack of innocence???
What!? Just don't... No!
Mateo is on lock
Snugle Wumps
How the hell are they so young I’m 18 and my dads almost 60
Orange Cruz
When the first adult said they weren't going to say their age and laughed and looked around while everyone else was silent I physically cringed
Sinyorita Sumayo
Am 24 married n pregnant with my first baby 😌❤
Karliana Rhyz Hernaez
What about a teen parent? (Just a woman who got a baby in her teens)
Sophia Borderon
9:18 okay that's the cutest thing ever
Sophia Borderon
I think people don't give themselves enough credit. I'm seeing in the comments that these aren't regular people but untalented doesn't equal regular. Everyday people are amazing but I think the habit of people on the internet is to self-depricate. You have talents even if you don't think so.
Kawaiientitydesu 1
Did he just say u have lack of innocence if ur depressed or suicidal? Like tf
romario mclean
These kids are above normal
Salt _
Dude, w h y
wait how is a sixteen year old legally able to be a pilot
Chinenye Nwachukwu
I don't get why people should be ashamed to say their age ( I'm referring to Elizabeth that said that she's 39+1 )
HGStudioz Official
Kids: Mom I’m depressed my friend mentally drained me!
Moms: *I T S ThAt D A R N pHoNE!*
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Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye? 6 months ago   08:22