Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye? 2 weeks ago   10:14

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Exotic forever
Can teens and parents see eye to eye? More like can parents and parents see eye to eye
Aman Singh Rathore Vlogs
Hi I'm Aman I'm 19 and I stalk my crush on the internet.
I can already tell that dad is a manipulative narcissist
Ava Loewenberg
So depressed, suicidal, or kids with anxiety aren’t innocent. Mental illness doesn’t come from a lack of innocence
appreciate kim seokjin
I do not like the dad at ALL I felt like he was just blaming the teens/his daughter the whole time. I especially wasn’t feeling his comment about anxiety and depression only being not innocent. There are innocent children with anxiety and depression from the pressure of school or their parents to be the best.
The Real TLK
Hi I'm 17 and I'm a pornstar.
lindsey macasiljig
“i’m 16 , and i fly planes”
me : i can sleep till 3 pm and still be tired 💕
larao larao
omg billie eilish looks beautiful in this video!
Hicyx Undid
wow this was hard to watch
Launy Sharpe
oh... I didn't know that Instagram was so provocative; those cat and scenery pictures are really pushing the limit!
Logan Beardall
Jubilee should do a middle ground video on people with tattoos and people who are against tattoos... just an idea
Skye Lockhart
"Hi. I'm Skye I'm 19 and I'm a professional Netflix watcher."
“I’m 39 plus 1”
Randomization Entertainment
Mateo goes to my school.
Michael Ruiz
I think it would of been better if they brought mixture of family not this these kids who are pampered
Ellie *
These teens are something else 😂 “I fly a plane”. Oh yeah casual.
Reese’s Pieces
*3 or 4*

Abigail B
How this would have gone if It was my mom:
Teen: ...and that's why I feel like we all deserve more freedom, more peace, and a better relationship with our parents.
Parent: Well i think if you just stop watching so much goddamn YouTube...
Ismira Mauralia
I really need this kind of thing for me and my parents because idk why its so hard for me to talk heart to heart to my own parents :')
Maya Hums
I didn’t know you had Instagram
**awkward laugh**
I got rid of it...
*serious side eye*
😂😂 3:06
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Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye? 2 weeks ago   08:22