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Data Warehousing - An Overview | What Is Business Intelligence? - At Up-Tube.com

Data Warehousing - An Overview What is Business Intelligence? 2 days ago   08:53

Andy Wicks
This video aims to give an overview of data warehousing. It does not delve into the detail - that is for later videos. Here, you will meet Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball who created the concept and the commercialised it respectively. You then get a quick tour of the basic concepts used in data warehousing.

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hi hu
great video thanks Andy
Lyne Westbrook
Zaheer Babar
good video........
Thanks for the video, I watched the two follow up videos but couldn't find anything else. Are you still planning to do a deep dive into data warehousing?
Dr Surajbhan Sharma
excllent view of modern warehouse structure
Nupur Das
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Andy !
beam john
So basically it's like virtual storage to better help the flow of data?
Choodamani Srinivasan
Amazing video. Thanks a ton. Please upload many more. I would appreciate so much
Ringo vski
Can a data mart be a cube?
Shakib Sayzad
Great Video!
very good overview of data warehouse. But for the beginner you should explain what 2nf or 3nf is. Not really sure.
Pragya Jain
Brief yet very informative. Thanks Andy, really helped me understand DW being a complete non IT person.
claire de Lune
Andy your speed of talk is perfect. It let the time to sink in the information. Don't worries about natural haters who have never take the time to share any knowledge. I wish I could give you 10 likes for this video!!
Sudeep Dileepkumar
Thank You !.
Mohsen Sichani
Very helpful, and brief. much appreciated
Peter H.
Fairly slow speaker. Turn up the speed to x1.25. This helped me at least :)
janani ashokkumar
Really useful thank you andy
Ravi Shingala
Had a lot of difficulties understanding data warehouse concepts but they can rest in peace now. Thank you so much sir! :)
Neha Kuril
This was really helpful, referred so many books but nothing helped as much as this video did ! thanks a lot !
Lucas Evaristo
i have a presentation to make for school this is just what i needed thank you very much !
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What is Business Intelligence? Data Warehousing - An Overview 2 days ago   05:39

This is a video for the average Joe about Business Intelligence. Finally I have a place to send people for small talk :)

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