NEW JEFFY PUPPET UNBOXING!!! (NEED Jeffy Try Not To Laugh part 3 2 months ago   10:33

We got a new Jeffy puppet!!





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Joe_king_Meme Z
Jeffy and Mario argue and jeffy keeps saying your high so jeffy goes to school the next day telling people in school his dad is high so bully bill gives jeffy weed then jaggy smokes it then bully bill snitches then they call the doctor to help him and jeffy goes crazy and jumps out the window and goes back to normal
Joe_king_Meme Z
Bro I was going to say that
cheygirl45 coyote
Ugh! It's horrible!
Super Mario Diaries
SCP Jeffy.Jeffu plays scp contaminant breach and he gets sucked into the game and turned into Scp 173
gaming Dude
Sll idea Jeffys long lost brother
Maurizo Castillo
Jerry long lost brother
Madden_lover 65409
Jeffys brother
Nevaeh Lopez
Login you should make like let me just tell you to video story you gotten new Jeffy puppet you and I know the video for Cody got a monster how do you hunt teen him in his house and it’s at Bluemont so that you have done he will also doing without the planet but when the planning it Jeffrey messes with the machine and he turns into a monster
Emma Grainge
Sml idea Jeffy makes a horror game and it comes to life
Sean Stark
SML idea, Invasion of the Jeffy Snatchers: aliens kidnap Jeffy and disguise as him to kill Mario
Chef pepe's kids part 2
LetsGo _509
That jeffy should be alien jeffy
LetsGo _509
Sml idea all jeffy meets all jeffys
1: Jeffy
2: flu jeffy
3: jeffy junior
4: angry jeffy
5 sad jeffy
6: robot jeffy
7: drawed jeffy
8: ghost jeffy
9: jeffys clone

So many jeffys XD
josue Toledo
You guys should make with the two Jeffy puppets The Jeffy apocalypse
MrMatch E
Sml Idea: Jeffy's Allergies
Freaky Boy
Sml idea

Jeffywise the retarded clown
lucy paste
What about mini video deformed jeffy
Julian Castilleja
Jeffry’s brother
Donut Gamer
Alien jeffy
Skylar Humble
I will be happier 😊
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Jeffy Try Not To Laugh part 3 NEW JEFFY PUPPET UNBOXING!!! (NEED 2 months ago   06:44