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6 Video Games That Were | 7 Things Gamers Should Never - At Up-Tube.com

6 Video Games That Were 7 Things Gamers Should NEVER 1 day ago   10:36

We're taking a look back at some games that released with serious issues. Do you have any fond memories of games crashing, or something worse? Let us know!
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Every single elder scroll and fallout game
My worst experience Was with Witcher 3 when it 1st came out I installed it played it for about 30 minutes and then all the sudden it crashed my peer PS4 And initially crashed my entire hard drive to the point where I had to go back to Walmart get a receipt and send it in to Sony to have them redo it and every time I would re install Witcher 3 on that system before I sent it in it would just continually crash it and I would have to reboot the entire system and all of my information in games would be gone and I would have to re install every single one of them
Midnight club complete edition with all of my save data for every single game ever played on my PlayStation 3 and made it so I couldn't get past the home screen
Rnen eRnr
Where is Ark
Where's payday2
Fable 2 used to freeze 360's unless you installed the disk. Back in the day when those kinds of things were optional
Austin Grimes
Anthem is a ton of fun in my opinion and a great game, but crashing? I’ve never experienced one on the Xbox 1 console. So I think it’s the crap console not the great game
Escape from tarkov removed all my steam games from my pc
I remember my GTA 5 game crashing all the time on my Xbox 360.
James OKeefe
Our power was so flaky I ended up getting a UPS and it has been a life saver. But it is hysterical to have all the power go off and the PS4 is still on with the TV :) It only last like 15 or 30 minutes and I never push it but at least I can save and shut down normally. Still lose internet though until I move my router :)
Frank Tenpenny
Need for Speed Rivals on my original *and* slim ps3. I'd get crashes all of the time.
Rodney Bronson
Rdr2 will crash at random in story mode
Shravan Sreekumar
When I first got Skyrim for PS3 I made the mistake of installing the update before the game file had fully installed and any time I started the game I was met with an animation of a generic character dying from fall damage and the game stuck in a constant reload loop. removing the patch and reinstalling fixed it though
What about Naruto Rise of a Ninja? That 360 exclusive. That game crashed every time in kinda 30 to 60 minutes like random. It freezes and you need to pull the cable. Didn't matter which 360 I had, didn't matter which disc it was, didn't matter of it was installed or not. It is a shame because it was such a good game and I never played it through because of that issue...
Resident Evil Revelations 2, Disc version for the XBOX 360, unplayable mess, fps drops to 0 all the time,opens a door 0 fps, cutscene plays 0 fps and there are times that the game lags so much that it runs at 5 fps until you finish the chapter...
Tobias Pettersen
Battlefield 5 crashed my pc so I had to go repair it (200 dollars) and then the company plugged ads for their company on my internet explorer which made it unusable and severely slowed down my internet. So then I had to go through a lengthy process of trying to get chrome from a completely broken explorer just so I could download my old games. Then I had to buy wired internet that went straight to my pc. Let’s me tell you I am not touching battlefield 5 again.
James Hemp
Nr.2 snapped like a knife cutting a chilling disbeliefe
John Christian Collins
Black ops 4 destroyed my playstation. It crashes every other match
LionPride Gameing
Day of infamy corrupted windows and I had to do a full factory reset on my pc
Battlefield 4 flash bang grenade launcher
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7 Things Gamers Should NEVER 6 Video Games That Were 1 day ago   10:52

Everyone who plays games likes to mess around, but here are some things we think you should definitely NOT do.
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