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6 Video Games That Were | 15 Most Well Hidden Easter - At Up-Tube.com

6 Video Games That Were 15 Most WELL HIDDEN Easter 1 day ago   10:36

We're taking a look back at some games that released with serious issues. Do you have any fond memories of games crashing, or something worse? Let us know!
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Haohmaru HL
Not surprised to see all games on the list being american made. Shitters can't code
Call Me Tastic
did anyone hear the voice crack? 2:55-2:58
Captain Scorch217
What about the crash from brawl on the wii
Zingy The Lemon
Mad Max crashed my Ps4 a countless amount of times. Still managed to complete the game tho.
Bf 109 F2
Lose lose actually is a pretty good game. Because the enemies aren't enemies. They're just friendly space ships. They won't hurt you when they get through.
Anchovy Pizza
Minecraft for Switch. That game freezes and crashes ALL THE TIME
So I download a bunch of games on steam like gta 5 or warframe but mypc kept bsod while the installation. While playing gta 4 and it sometimes just stops my pc... Like literally stoped my pc, no explanation. I did end up deleting the game to prevent further damage to my computer. If I were to suggest, don't play gta 4 on a low end pc.
Frobisher Rubbish
Just Cause 3 is a mess up to date
Jiffy Blue
Boot.ini has been D E L E T E D
Jackboot Shaman Gaming
God how wrong on fallout are you? For a big channel you should know better. Nv is by a team of people from the originals, fo3 is a changed team completely, and no the series doesn't start with 3.
Mi ps3 never had a crash with gta 5 (its a 2009 ps3 slim model)
Lego Worlds always crashes my Xbox One S.
Necrosia X
Where’s DAYZ at? You’re lucky if you can go an hour without it crashing you back to the home screen unceremoniously right in a hoard of zombies so your character meets good old permadeath
zachary johnson
Fallout new Vegas still has a ton of problems
zachary johnson
Well they did patch the house problem for skyrim on the ps3 that or I just never encountered that problem which is odd
Tokey Bear
Pshhh, my fallout 4 still crashes my PC after walking into some cells.
thekidthatplaysgutarhero thekidthatplaysgutarhero
Gta5 on ps3 I booted it up and just started doing random shit by just showing random collars
I had the issue with my 20 gb xbox 360 model in gta 5 :'D
Prof Sakharov
A fabulous new 'Ferrari' released in 2007 ran just great - until you discovered it had the gearbox from a John Deere tractor, the steering wheel wasn't attached to the front wheels, and the brakes locked on when you indicated to turn left. That's what trying to play through S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl 1.000 was like. It got better. Much.
Gustavo Ferrufino
Lord of the fallen crashed my ps4 many times.
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15 Most WELL HIDDEN Easter 6 Video Games That Were 1 day ago   12:45

Easter eggs, secrets, and unlockables have been great in 2019 so far. Here are our favorite examples.
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