First To Give Stranger New Car Wins Super car fail / win compilation 6 months ago   30:54

Tanner Fox
First To Give Stranger New Car Wins $10,000 - Challenge

Get you're Christmas Shopping done before its too late!!! --

Last To Leave Pool Wins $5,000 Was my biggest video this year so far, and because that video got so much love i knew that i had to one up it and give back and get in the holiday spirit... So we took $10,000 and bought to super nice cars: a Ford Fiesta, and a Nissan Versa and i challenged my friends to give away the cars to a Random Stranger that they felt was deserving and needed the car, BUT who ever gave away the car first wins BIG... $10,000.... I'm gonna be broke after this video hahahaha. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. Also shout out to Mr Beast, loved the Last to Leave Slime Pit wins $20,000 video !!!


Sony 16-35mm Lense

Rode Microphone

SD Card


Canon G7 X Mark II

TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!


SNAPCHAT - tannerfoxx


outro song!

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Jeremy Parra
Is this at the Starbucks/CVS shopping center off of Rancho California?
Lil Boy
I’m happy for you people to do this
She wont even be able to afford insurance and gas. Should have gave it to someone who has a job like a fast food worker etc.
Deundray Haggard
That why I sub to you
lilgansater_25 the coolest
Mannn u had me crying
Logan Squire
Watch minutes=380 years
michael green
I wish someone would give me car lol I had to sell my car
Kiya Trickler
omg i started vrying when she did
Only ogs remember the p1
m26 Joey
BC he won I would of gave her the 10k
Deez Nutz
Nice job on stealing mrbeasts content
That Boi Moulden
There were plenty of people who wanted it and were "eligible" but tall just wanted to keep it going ....seems stupid
dom taylor
A week later she sold it for a piece of crack
Long Lasting
Theyre obviously not trying to give anyone a car this is just click bait if they really wanted to give the car away they wouldnt have been playing games asking dumb questions
Mea Miller
Do u remember when fans were at your gate and u used to have fans over and taught them to do flips. Then u had a foam pit and a new tramp and everything. That’s how long I’ve been here 😂 on all of my accounts I’ve made here I am
elie makdessi
Cain Robinson
Sorry but tanner said the focus fiesta why tanner why
julian banane
what is with the car papers?
Andrew Michael
Brady's team Just gave their car to a friend, Not quite as awesome as
Brady’s team kinda cheated because it said first one to give a stranger, not a friend
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Super car fail / win compilation First To Give Stranger New Car Wins 6 months ago   13:01

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