First To Give Stranger New Car Wins Super car fail / win compilation 7 days ago   30:54

Tanner Fox
First To Give Stranger New Car Wins $10,000 - Challenge

Get you're Christmas Shopping done before its too late!!! --

Last To Leave Pool Wins $5,000 Was my biggest video this year so far, and because that video got so much love i knew that i had to one up it and give back and get in the holiday spirit... So we took $10,000 and bought to super nice cars: a Ford Fiesta, and a Nissan Versa and i challenged my friends to give away the cars to a Random Stranger that they felt was deserving and needed the car, BUT who ever gave away the car first wins BIG... $10,000.... I'm gonna be broke after this video hahahaha. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. Also shout out to Mr Beast, loved the Last to Leave Slime Pit wins $20,000 video !!!


Sony 16-35mm Lense

Rode Microphone

SD Card


Canon G7 X Mark II

TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!


SNAPCHAT - tannerfoxx


outro song!

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Arjun prasad
Hey I was there......
This is why Tanner is the best Teenage Youtuber
Evergreen Gaming
The way your buddys are approaching people trying to just give the car away to people who dont even need it is so dumb they seriously look like they on drugs and obviously dont know wtf they are doing .... just frustrating af
all that stuff happened on my birthday thank you tanner crying keep it up
Cady Mant
Omg I started crying because my mom had a brain aneurysm
Michael Munroe
Team tanner wins
Kaylee Falin
Make slime With me
You are so nice
Kaylee Falin
Grace Noelle
I love you❤
waw, this is very thoughtful of you guys doing this
Xander Perkins
He honestly looks like a tweaker
Xempios Plays
Honestly just give her new clothes and give her some money so she can survive
Janice Borden
When she said "this stuff doesnt happen to me" i started crying. *not exaggerating* ❤❤😭
liesl tuazon
how manny cars do you have
kylor sparks
We pierced our tongues in a sketchy tattoo shop on my channel 😳😂
i want the guakzilla hotwheels so bad also i subscribed
Dominique Marie
Ion like Tanner but I like him rn this shit made me cry and smile this was so amazing
joe loser
joe loser
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Super car fail / win compilation First To Give Stranger New Car Wins 7 days ago   13:01

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everybody hello my name is Ertuğrul I am 16 years old I have decided to do something like this in the future I think maybe a big channel is good to see goodbye to see