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So We Bought A Car....from A Guy Named Squirrel. | Leroy Vs. Terrifying Daytona Bank - At Up-Tube.com

So We Bought A Car....From A Guy Named Squirrel. LEROY vs. TERRIFYING Daytona BANK 6 months ago   20:28


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This was one of the most fun vids we have done I really had no idea how or where this was going! We discussed the options and the fact that an s10 and a typhoon/Syclone are large parts of my fathers/Fasterproms history and led us to modernizing the platform. We decided that it had to be AWD, Manual, V8, Twin turbo, just saying it out loud sounds kinda sexy!
If you guys watch till the end it’s all laid out and revealed. Every once in awhile we mix it up and really cut loose!
Thank you guys for the comments please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!
chris holland
Squirrel is definitely a Floridaman!
Zach Ballzach
I ready to see her done!
jay kelso
Is this guy for real?? I almost feel like this video was set up..
B Martin
Parents had a Syclone and Typhoon? Jeremy was raised right. Hell yeah.
William Rouse
14 minutes the hug seals the deal
Well that’s just great. Now my Real Doll is all traumatized. Had to assure her that her head will remain firmly attached to her body.
Fun video dude!
Nunster's Place
Aww seeing those dogs just brought back memories of Rexxie. How I miss that dog.
jeremie manninen
lol you guys went way over the top on this but it's absolutely hilarious an whoever played Squirrel did an amazing job
David Quiros
oh my God this guy must own all the meth labs in Polk County
Put a wrx sti drive train in it with and a 6L ls up front that would be wild
John Scarce 2
best video i've seen in awhile
Stephen Mitchell
This guy reminds me of a very young John Force...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! A Long Long Long time ago!!!
Stephen Mitchell
So the monster race truck's name is "Kitty Rage"!!!! Awesome!!!
The mechanic
🤣🤣🤣 love it. 🤙
Drew T
Tetanus shot...
John Southern
Astro or Safari awd, not sure how solid on power they are, but I assume they are related a syclone or typhoon.
Hotrod Michael
So glad y’all got an s10 hell yea would be cool to this vs ruby
Veil Mario
Fasterproms; I treat it well(awkwarddddddd) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

That was funny though,booty slap 😅😅😅😅
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LEROY vs. TERRIFYING Daytona BANK So We Bought A Car....From A Guy Named Squirrel. 6 months ago   17:23

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