So We Bought A Car....From A Guy Named Squirrel. LEROY vs. TERRIFYING Daytona BANK 1 week ago   20:28


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This was one of the most fun vids we have done I really had no idea how or where this was going! We discussed the options and the fact that an s10 and a typhoon/Syclone are large parts of my fathers/Fasterproms history and led us to modernizing the platform. We decided that it had to be AWD, Manual, V8, Twin turbo, just saying it out loud sounds kinda sexy!
If you guys watch till the end it’s all laid out and revealed. Every once in awhile we mix it up and really cut loose!
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Gotta say.....I'm a big fan but this episode, I got a few minutes in and walked away.
Robert Chavez
“I’m just trying to butter Jeremy up for a tune” lmao
now that was a fun (funny) vid guys:)
Clinton David
So pumped for this build!!!
Name her Squirrel Nutz
Tony Lucero
For the lowering use an axle flip kit and a front coil over kit. It will be sturdy and you will not have to buy new leaf springs. I did this on my ford ranger and i have a 347 stroker Windsor in it pushing 485whp so it will handle power.
Jeremy Langford
Did Squirrel jist wipe his hand with dog poo on his Hair?
Martin Pierce
If I was going to build it, I would source a front drive assembly off a late 90's or early 00 from a similar platform. Depending on which side drop the front drive assembly is, will dictate what type of t-case you would do. Get the rear axle as well so you already have matching gear ratios. I feel drivetrain from a late model 1500 would just add more weight. I know a mid to late 90's jeep grand Cherokee came with a AWD system but you don't need 4low. Look into a late 70s BorgWarner 1339 tcase found in jeep Cherokees. You want the unit without the 4 low system. Chain is HUGE!! they came bolted up to a TH400 transmission from the factory. The only thing about these units is, both the front and rear output are offset to the passenger side. So this may limit your options on the type of front drive system you want to use. So if you use a center drop rear axle, you would have to run a CV shaft to eliminate vibrations. Love where this may go!
Derek Santos
What's fasterproms mean ?
Kayak Confessions
Use a Audi quattro platform.
Vogel Services
Chevy Trailblazer awd ss drivetrain. Co-part has a good selection and it should all fit with minimal fabrication.
Geeds' Garage
Use a TBSS AWD setup.
Oman cman
My wife’s on the rag lolol.😂😂😂😂😂
Barry Smith
LOL! he was kinda lost in front of a camera! I'm shocked the snuff didn't make him sick, on camera! Thanks for the laugh!
David Kelm
Hilarious !
Joseph Petty
Hey Jeremy big fan love all of your videos. I actually have an 88 Chevy S10 Tahoe that I have been wanting to do and all wheel drive swap on it. Your best bet would be to Chevy Astro van the Safari version cuz it's already all-wheel drive and it's the independent front suspension as well. And you should be able to bolt it up to any Chevy transmission. That's my two cents but I definitely look forward to seeing this build. And good luck.
Emery Booker
I am pretty sure that guy has a house in Oklahoma and 6 brothers that live here as well and I have bought cars off all 7 of them. He must of came up since I bought my last car from him cause he is wearing shoes now.
I like that its a long wheel base. Everyone builds short beds. And good acting Jeremy.
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LEROY vs. TERRIFYING Daytona BANK So We Bought A Car....From A Guy Named Squirrel. 1 week ago   17:23

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