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Fastest Knockouts of Deontay Wilder

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daro kickass
fast ko? the first ko 1 minute
Lol at 6:55 this nigga was swinging to kill
Wilder beats guys up. He doesn’t box that much
Edi Riwanto
Remach wilder v kingkong
All legit KOs except the Malik Scott one I think is still a dive. If you watch it in hd (or even 480P and not this pixelated clip), you can actually see Malik wink to Wilder, then Wilder hits his gloves (not his head) and he goes down and is somehow unable to get up.

Not that Wilder NEEDS him to take a dive cause he really could KO him but it was REALLY sus lol
Salvador Diaz
too sloppy in my opinion, but there again,there's nothing out there
aaron pryor
The only reason why I watch heavyweight boxing is because of Deontay Wilder.
Keno Davis
This man got 40 knockouts How you going till this man how to fight, when you never been in a fight.... if the way he fight got hem 40 ko's keep being different
Selvakumar Ms
People are getting knocked at the back of their head, once Wilder starts swinging his hands and going for kill
Jeff Allinson
Wilder is a one trick Pony; but its a hell of a trick!!
Willie HavMmeri
Legend says that that right hand was dipped in God's bath water
Malki Tzedek
Yo Boxing Stars, you wrong for that thumbnail son. Got me dyin' man 😂😂😂
The Genaral
Is it just me but the fight in 9:40 is so hilarious the punches and the movements of Wilder
Anton Calloway
Free Beats
lohit raj
I was here after watching some KO's of Joshua.. I feel like laughing at myself
benjamin chishi
Wilder should fight with his match. I don't see any great fight with the kind of oppents he has fought.
i win
Tommy Hearns swing ....
Bummmmmmm squad!!!!!!
Get Stomped Out
Imagine if Emanuel Stewart got a hold of him.
Freud Valentin
Buddy at 415 looked like a bag boy running to tell a customer he forgot his groceries
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