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Tour Nick Offerman's California | 10 New Latest Best Diy Woodworking Gadgets - At Up-Tube.com

Tour Nick Offerman's California 10 New Latest Best DIY WoodWorking Gadgets 1 year ago   08:25

Parks & Recreation co-star Nick Offerman is more than just a gifted actor. He's a bonified, true-blue woodworker. Take a tour of his workshop and find out why Nick is more at home in the shop then on the set. Visit http://www.FineWoodworking.com for more woodworking technique videos.

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Zoom Wayne
When the YouTube algorithm randomly blesses you with an old Ron Swanson clip.
This guy is a real Man. Not a phony like most of Hollywood. Also have more respect for his Wife
Javier Corral
I'd like a wood corvette
Javier Corral
soooooo coooooool !
Joe Carrillo
Amazing how lucky as fuck some humans are, the guy plays himself in every roll on tv so fucking jellyfish of this guy
LoneWolf Ranger
I know so many people who use nice tree scraps as firewood when they could sell it to people outside of the south. It’s sad.
nick cherwinsk
Good too see a celb that isnt useless
Imagine you find a nice selfmade table on ebay drive theyre to get it and meet Nick Offerman.
Christopher Chung
Isn't this the exact same shop as Ron's from parks and rec? xD Lot cleaner and less hazardous of course but the walls and doors seem the same, with some improvements and changes over the years. He has the same boom-boom box too.
Wait. I start to think he is a bad actor. He plays himself 😂👍
The City Official
I wish host guy would stfu and let nick talk. Jesus fuck
He wasn’t kidding when he said “I know more than you”
Extremely Memely
I wanna get drunk with Nick Offerman
Guy in Ohio came out with a large one for under 600 bucks, they also make a track saw unit you install your own router or skill saw on. I seen this at a woodworking show I belive there next storm comming up is in flordia.
Pat Man
All i can say is wow. What a cool and down to earth dude.
Damian Altamirano
Dude you are badass... I didn't know you were a true man... I thought you were one of the fakeass beard men that walk around in this life lol
Joe S
love the Tom Waits poster on the wall
He really does know more than you.
David Asche
Not your typical Hollywood douche. Seems like an average cool guy who could have a few beers with ya.
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10 New Latest Best DIY WoodWorking Gadgets Tour Nick Offerman's California 1 year ago   14:32

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Welcome to a new episode of this series, today we count down our picks for the 10 New Latest Best DIY WoodWorking Gadgets Carpentar Tools

Gadgets List you have seen 😃

Make Strong, Lasting Repairs with a Kreg Joinery™ System
WORX 20V Axis _ Cordless Reciprocating & Jig Saw
GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock for Table Saws, Router Tables, Band Saws, and Jointer
Festool HEPA Dust Extractor Dust Collectors
Woodpeckers _ OneTIME Tool® _ TruSquare
Portamate PM-8000 Portacube STR Miter Saw Workstation
Armor Tools Butcher Block Dog Tables and Clamps
The Kreg Rip Cut Saw Guide
WEN Electric Hand Planer
China Beijing Zlrc Power Tools 720W Woodworking Machine Electric Planer

The Story

10 Cool New Power Tools and Accessories

Here are some of the cool new power tools from the summer of 2017 that we thought were worth a mention.


When a cut has to be on-the-money, only a table saw or track saw will do. DEWALT’s new cordless Track Saw cuts a razor sharp edge thanks to its variable speed motor and high-end 42-tooth blade. And of course the FLEXVOLT battery provides buku power. To protect you and your hands the motor has a built-in anti-kickback function.

Demo Demon from Diablo

When it comes to demolition jobs, you don’t want to make the work any harder than it has to be. With that in mind Diablo has released a new 7-1/4”, 24 -tooth saw blade that they’re calling the Demo Demon. It has a 3-tooth grind sequence which Diablo claims will chew through all sorts of nastiness like, nail-embedded wood, shingles and even bolts. Diablo also boasts that this blade will last up to ten times longer than a regular blade- That’s impressive!

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station

The new 52-in. Mobile Work Station from Milwaukee Tool is a truly portable work center. The Work Station has nine drawers with a total weight capacity of 1800 lbs., giving you plenty of organization and storage options. The station’s work surface is raised, making it easy for material to be clamped down, and there are two pull-out trays right under the work surface for speedy access to your most commonly used tools.

SKILSAW Southpaw

A New Way to Look At Your Cut
New from SKILSAW, the SOUTHPAW is the only All-Magnesium Left Blade Sidewinder Circular Saw. With the blade located on the left side, the saw finally allows both right and left-handed users great visibility of the blade and cut-line. This saw lets you get a new angle or view while making a cut, allowing for more control and a straighter finish.
DeWalt Chainsaw

Compact Cordless Chainsaw

DEWALT is now introducing a new 20v Compact Cordless Chainsaw to their line of 20 volt cordless tools. With power approaching that of a traditional gas-powered model and the convenience of cordless, this versatile and powerful tool can be used an a range of jobs, from house demolition to chopping down trees.

Daredevil Drill Bits

One Bit to Drill them All
You need tough tools for tough work. Bosch has built in toughness to their new Daredevil bits. Daredevil MultiPurpose Drill Bits have a carbide multi-grind head that Bosch claims gets the job done 85 percent faster than other multi-material bits.

DEWALT Cordless Nailers

Considerable Cordless Collection
DEWALT is making even more additions to its 20v MAX* System, producing four new cordless nailers designed for framing, finishing, and even flooring. The new nailers include a Brad Nailer, a Narrow Crown Stapler & an Angled Finish Nailer

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer

I know, being able to lift heavy things is a point of pride in the construction industry, but a few hours on a rotary hammer is enough to make even a tough-guy’s arms feel like rubber. Bosch’s new SDS Plus Cordless Rotary Hammer can lighten your burden.

DeWALT Cordless Grinder

We first saw DeWALT’s grinders at the company’s “Tough in the South” media event back in August. What really stood out to us about these new grinders were the impressive brakes, which were capable of completely stopping the spinning wheel in less than three seconds.

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