Coati • TOLUME, MEXICO Invasión de Coatíes en las cataratas del Iguazú 2 days ago   01:46

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These cute baby coati (ko-ah-ti) will steal more than just your hearts! Tulum, Mexico… go for the pyramids, stay for the coati. Just watch your stuff!

Music: 5Alarm

Joel Goodman - Yucatan Culture
Giles Lewin - Mayan Gathering

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I am the father of lucy and grandpa of the babies I rescue lucy thanks for your video greetings from tulum
good stuff! more vids! but the text on screen isnt needed ;)
Go back to Korea, Zane!
Awkward Bob
Mel wasn't getting anywhere closer to get that bag. That was all you. :)
Michael Daniels
"Mel!!! Could you help me?" Awesome
Kevin Trappe
Was just there last month. Great, relaxing place
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Invasión de Coatíes en las cataratas del Iguazú Coati • TOLUME, MEXICO 2 days ago   00:47