International Students Choose the U.S. Tough Luck - the Story of International 2 days ago   03:03

A group of currently enrolled international students in U.S. colleges and universities share their experiences of why they chose the U.S. over other destinations to realize their dreams.

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kamel benrabia
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Deborah Connor
The Global Indian
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Kainã Elias
Hey everyone.
Can I borrow a minute of your time?
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Jo Joseph
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the girl supriya kumar at 2:32 looked good and gorgeous  and had a very good british american accent..
Azerbaijan ♥ USA
Alli Jones
I'd like to study in the US.
Lance Johnson
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Linh Pham
I think their accents are pretty clear...
You do realize that almost every other country teaches English...
Finer C.A.C.
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Lynn S
What do you mean no accent? The woman from Libya for sure had one, and everyone elses was just more subtle. But you could hear it on certain words.
Sorry, but they do. They have learned english really well and they were probably selected due to their high competence, but for example the Zimbabwe student had a british accent, probably due to the historical colonial control by the British in Zimbabwe.
50000dollor for 1 year . are you kidding me.
wtf. They ALL have accents... I have no idea what's wrong with your brain, but they all have accents. Maybe the guy from ecuador had less of an accent, but he still had one.
enjoy your huge debt
yeah you know we only have the majority of the top schools in the world...
this guys are not international me i am one and i didn't hear any accent, every country has an accent they all sounded american to me..not to sound ignorant but i think i can recognize an international student when see one.
@TheLunachick if you are talking about primary education (especially public ones), then thats probably not too far from the truth. However secondary education is a different story depending on where you go to school.
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Tough Luck - the Story of International International Students Choose the U.S. 2 days ago   05:21

Social Justice Documentary Filmmaking Class '15 Antioch University Santa Barbara. Thousands of international students come to the U.S.A. every year to study. But what happens after they graduate from these American schools?