Russia's rise in conservative family Tanzania's witch trials | Unreported 2 days ago   24:36

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Putin's family values: This weeks classic takes us to Russia to meet the country's most prolific parents. The government's expansionist intentions have extended into family life, where they award ultra-fertile parents, including a family with 18 children.

But the darker side of the resurgence of traditional values is the rise in homophobia and removal of women’s rights. Marcel Theroux went to find out more.

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This Unreported World episode was first aired on Channel 4 on 24/03/2017.

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primitives leeching of other people. You know the country has no future if government wants to make itself interdependent on people like those human waste breeders.
Dhe Jokur
The woman wi 18 kids must have a clunge like a Navvies bucket.
Scott Ferguson
The reporter is brown. Nuff said.
ray windhelm
i like this way of living
Roman B
Thank god for Putin.
Roman B
I’m moving back now.
poverty brings backwards mentality.
Russia is basically turning muslim. Just wait till the women have to start to wear veils. The can already be legally beaten.
Yeah, Russians always say that they are so *religious* and 80% are orthodox. But in reality they never are going to church on sunday. They never really believe in God. And "family values" simply means gay people persecution. Russia's mindset is that of 19th century.
Evan Kant
God bless Orthodox brothers!
Андрей 91
no rise. we are fall...
God bless Vladimir Putin. Amen
Pharm Krieg
Fuck this shit, i don’t mind share one country with them, they seem to be healthy and happy people, but their patronal orthodox authoritarian militaristic religious point of view will soon have strong influence on the others, it seems.
0:20 why is that the darker side? It mostly seems normal (except for the women's rights thing altough that'll improve over time)
shannu j
good video but dumb journalism.
Glen Gurung
At last Russia will be the only one county among other western Christian countries who'll be making it sure that Christianity is here to stay...tnx and god bless Russsia ...Amen
RoachTV 6
« Religious, conservative and deeply patriotic ». That’s what I call good values.
spooky mysteries
Mean while in america a 10 year old is opening a dating site for drag kids 😂
Dope Fiend
That church guy has a super clean family.
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Tanzania's witch trials | Unreported Russia's rise in conservative family 2 days ago   24:10

The Witch Hunters: This week Unreported World comes from Tanzania, where hundreds of women have been murdered, accused of being witches. More people still believe in the phenomenon here than many other countries in Africa. But some think there's more to these attacks than just fear of the supernatural, as Ade Adepitan found out.

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