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Welcome to the land of Lincoln. Springfield is the capital of the state of Illinois and has many things for a traveling family to visit.

Filmed in front of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library in Springfield, Illinois, USA

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Valery Carnes
Go to Battle Orbs in Springfield at the mall. It is hilarious.#battleorbs
Noah Davis
We almost religiously worship Abraham Lincoln. Unless you like old timey Lincoln day stuff, you're gonna be really bored.
Top ten things to do in Illinois. Just leave the state of Illinois.
Love Last
I live in springfield
Channelingus Llcix
that used to be a parking lot, I got a ticket for expired meter once there in the 80s :D
Marisa K. Rouse
Compared to the other cities you've visited, how is it, as far as populated? Does it feel very crowded or busy?
Makeup Nerds
Eat a horseshoe if you come to Springfield
Great Video...was looking for Smithfield info.
also at 1:13 my man on the bike enters & at 1:19 cool cat exits...them frames are top!!!
at 4:05 a red car races past a bunch of other cars...that part was cool
Wolters World
you are very welcome!
Amazing vid - thanx! :D
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Illinois Stories | Lincoln Home What to See & Do in Springfield, IL - Home of the Lincoln 1 day ago   28:19

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The Illinois State Museum and the Lincoln Home National Historic site team up on an archaeological dig in Lincoln's neighbourhood to learn more about who lived there and how they lived.